Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars

Hoàng PhúcMay 27, 2024 at 21:34

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While driving caused an accident and then hid the b.ody, veteran Korean actor Jo Hyung Ki continued his career as if nothing had happened. He even accepted to act in car commercials.

Many Korean artists have gone bankrupt and even had to leave the entertainment industry after a shocking scandal. However, in Kbiz, there was a case that made all of Asia angry, and the audience is upset to this day because the villain was not properly punished even though his crime was listed as serious, causing a stir. .

Jo Hyung Ki was once a male artist familiar to television audiences. But, he frightened the entire entertainment world when he exposed his true self in the past.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 1

Born in 1958, Jo Hyung Ki started his acting career at the age of 21. Accordingly, he started as a guest actor on the TV series Chief Inspector. Gradually, the male artist continuously appeared on screen. However, he mainly played supporting roles.

Jo Hyung Ki is not allowed to be the male lead, but he is very familiar with the audience thanks to many years of accumulating his career through supporting roles. Audiences know him through films such as Harvard Love Story, My Sister, Piano, Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, The Greatest Love, Myung Wol the Spy... Fans especially love Jo Hyung Ki's acting because both friendly and approachable.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 2

Not only attracting attention in the acting field, Jo Hyung Ki also became a guest MC of several popular TV shows. The audience was impressed with the friendliness and approachability of this male artist. There was a time when Jo Hyung Ki continuously appeared on the small screen, so he received a lot of love from fans.

Jo Hyung Ki's "true face".

In 1991, while his career was developing smoothly, Jo Hyung Ki was involved in a particularly serious scandal, making the public shudder.

Accordingly, in the eyes of the audience, Jo Hyung Ki is a gentle and kind man, but unexpectedly he caused a terrible accident, but his subsequent attitude made everyone angry.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 3

Specifically, when his career was developing rapidly, Jo Hyung Ki was suddenly involved in a serious incident. The male artist drove drunk and hit a woman. What's more chilling is that after committing the crime, he also tried to hide the victim's b.ody.

After that, the police discovered Jo Hyung Ki sleeping in the car near the victim's location. At this time, he was immediately arrested. Sober, Jo Hyung Ki was aware of his actions. He bowed his head and pleaded guilty because of the irrefutable evidence found by the police.

After the incident, Jo Hyung Ki only had to spend 1 year in prison. This made the audience really surprised. Moreover, he returned to the entertainment industry immediately.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 4

In the two years 1993-1994, the infamous artist starred in 10 films, including television and movies, and appeared frequently on television. The Harvard Love Story actor even accepted a car advertisement in 2003 even though he had previously driven a car and caused personal injury.

For many years, Jo Hyung Ki has still appeared with a cheerful image, becoming a veteran artist who is studied and admired by his juniors. But in 2017, he was exposed to his old crimes. At this time, Jo Hyung Ki was subjected to severe criticism from the public.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 5

Unlike before, when social networks spread at breakneck speed, Jo Hyung Ki is no longer ignored like in the past. He suffered great anger from the public. Because of too much pressure, the male artist decided to withdraw from the entertainment world.

Even though Jo Hyung Ki announced his departure from showbiz, this still could not satisfy the wave of opposition against him. Because in reality, the male artist has had 26 happy and comfortable years and received many benefits from his work in the entertainment world. He also accumulated quite a lot of assets from advertising and film fees.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 6

In 2022, Jo Hyung Ki was spotted in the US while eating with acquaintances. The appearance of this male artist caught the attention of the audience. Many people are curious about his current life. But, there is not much news about Jo Hyung Ki. No one knows what he is doing or where he is.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 7

Regarding Jo Hyung Ki's incident, many years later, the online community and the media still occasionally recall it with hate and condemnation. In fact, in Korean showbiz, drunk driving is an unforgivable act. Many stars also suffered serious consequences because of this incident, losing their entire careers.

In addition to Jo Hyung Ki, there were many artists who were also involved in the drink-driving scandal and "lost their lives". Specifically, "nation's little sister" Kim Sae Ron went from a favorite c.hild star to a "stepchild" because she was caught drunk driving, crashed into a public building, then tried to escape in 2022.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 8

Former Super Junior member Kangin also "faded" because of drunk driving scandals in 2009 and 2016. After that, he had to leave the famous SM b.oy band. Since then, the male singer has no longer been seen in the showbiz world.

In addition, in 2021, Lizzy - former member of Orange Caramel, was discovered by Gangnam police driving in an impaired state. She then crashed into a taxi driver, injuring him slightly near the intersection south of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong area, Gangnam District.

In the end, Lizzy was fined 15 million won (more than 270 million VND). She had to publicly apologize to the public and gradually appeared less on television shows. The name also disappeared.

Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars - Photo 9

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