Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love

Đức TríApr 11, 2024 at 17:09

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This unique story is being enthusiastically shared by netizens, everyone is surprised by the strangeness of the 2 meter tall g.irl from the West. However, because of her excessive height, she encountered many difficulties in life.

Even though she has turned 28 years old, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa (from Tra Vinh) has never been loved. She is miserable because of her 2 meter height. Over the years, Hoa has been embarrassed by teasing and gossip, saying that she resembles "a giant, a pole, a bamboo with a hundred knots".

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 1

Ms. Tran Thi Nga (63 years old), Hoa's mother, said that when she was born, Hoa weighed only 1.8kg, was thin, but her limbs were longer than normal children. It was not until she was 4 years old that Hoa spoke her first voice. When she went to school, she also learned more slowly than her friends and had more difficulty absorbing words. Hoa's eyesight is very poor, in the 4th grade it was more than 10 degrees nearsighted. Faced with such a situation, Mrs. Nga had to let her children stay home from school.

During puberty, Hoa's height grew even more, and the clothes she just bought were already short. When there was no ready-made clothes to fit, Mrs. Nga had to buy fabric and make her own clothes for her c.hild.

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 2

Because of that difference, Hoa has few friends and just hangs out at home all day. Mrs. Nga got married late, and Hoa was the only c.hild. Three years ago, her husband passed away due to illness, leaving mother and c.hild with a shabby house. "Hoa has never loved anyone, partly because she is often sick, partly because she is too tall, and I am poor, " Mrs. Nga said sadly.

Not long ago, 2-3 guys came to my house to get to know each other. Mrs. Nga was very happy because her daughter also had questions when she reached the age of marriage. She impatiently hoped her c.hild would find refuge. Among the young people who came to visit, there were people about the same height as Hoa, coming from Ben Tre. But after researching, she still couldn't find the right "piece of the puzzle".

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 3

"The person is not the right age, the person who is compatible is much older than me, so the family doesn't allow them to move forward," Hoa said.

Many people advise Hoa to confidently open her heart, if love hasn't knocked on her door yet, she should proactively look for it. But the 28-year-old g.irl responded timidly: "I don't dare go, I'm afraid that when I go out, people will look at me, and someone will see my cousin slip away."

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 4

Talking about the criteria for choosing a husband, Hoa confided that she does not need her partner to be handsome, he just needs to be hard-working, diligent, love his wife and children, and be compatible with her age. "As long as he has a stable career, even if he is a motorbike taxi driver, I will accept it ," Hoa said.

As for Mrs. Nga, she has one more special request: any b.oy who wants to marry her daughter must accept being his husband's wife. Because the family had only had mother and c.hild until now, she did not want to marry Hoa far away because she was afraid of being alone and sad in old age.

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 5

Currently, Mrs. Nga and her children still pick up coconut leaves, grind them, and sell them to make brooms to cover daily living expenses. Ms. Nga said that on average, one kilogram of coconut stalks can be exchanged for 3,000 - 4,000 VND, depending on whether the coconut stalks are dry or fresh. Now the price is only 2,000 VND/kg but there are not many buyers, bundles of coconut brooms are piled up in the house, the family's finances are difficult. The life of mother and c.hild depends entirely on the disability allowance, 1 million VND/month.

Cases of outstanding height like Ms. Hoa are not too rare in Vietnam. Before that, social networks were also buzzing with a 2m tall b.oy in Ca Mau, that is Mr. Nguyen Van Ut in Ca Mau. Because Nguyen Van Ut's height was superior to normal people in a short time, it made his relatives worried, and many people who saw him were curious. With a gentle smile, Ut said: "Before, I was as tall as the guys in my family, but I'm even a little shorter than them. Since 2020 and 2021, my b.ody has naturally developed and grown unusually tall. I don't know why I'm so tall. Until now, I don't dare to believe my height."

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 6

During the conversation, Nguyen Van Ut also thought that there was something "abnormal" about his b.ody because every day at meals, he ate about a bowl of rice but drank a lot of water: "It's unusual that I eat very little rice, but drink water." It's a lot, on average I drink over 2 liters of water at a time. And a day, I drink at least 3 times like that."

Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love - Photo 7

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