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Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were "crushed" for judging Miss Grand Vietnam

T.P11:48:21 24/04/2024
The reigning Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong and former beauty queen Doan Thien An are causing intense controversy when they were just announced by the organizers as two members of the jury of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

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Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth?

Trí Nhi16:09:08 22/04/2024
Runner-up Phuong Nhi recently made beauty fans confused when netizens suddenly revealed evidence that she had left the management unit, officially disgraced and completely independent from now on. However, the subjective unit quickly handled the rumors.

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Minh Tu wedding: special bridesmaids full of famous "long legs".

Phi Đức16:13:06 14/04/2024
During Minh Tu's wedding ceremony, there was an appearance of beautiful, famous bridesmaids that delighted the guests. The beauties are all flower girls - runner-ups, from domestic to international, together they have extremely eye-catching catwalks on stage.

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Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream?

Phi Đức11:06:09 11/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam (Miss Peace Vietnam) 2024 officially launched, opening applications to prepare for the journey to find a successor. The audience was immediately surprised with the birth of the livestream sales competition.

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Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor?

Kim Lâm16:31:37 02/04/2024
On social media, Doan Thien An suddenly showed off her huge diamond ring, raising the question of getting married. In the midst of the people shouting Phat La's name, Doan Thien An publicly identified the other half as a famous Korean actor.

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Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother

Đức Trí11:06:40 07/03/2024
Actor Phat Luo was suddenly dug up for a series of insensitive behaviors with Miss Doan Tianjin, once jokingly made the queen sit on her lap, referring to her late mother on the livestream. Netizens simultaneously threw harsh stones.

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What is the vulgar word that Phat Luo let go of Zhuang Fa that has been fiercely criticized?

Thiên Di16:12:49 06/03/2024
After the noisy hearing, Phat Luo apologized for his rude remarks and poor jokes with Zhuang Fa. However, many people still do not know what the meaning of the sensitive phrase that the actor said means is so controversial.

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Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of "going the other way" with Phat Luo

Phi Yến12:01:50 18/02/2024
Truong Giang and Nha Phuong have just had a livestream chat with fans not long ago. Participating in the livestream with the famous artist pair was also Phat La.

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Gin Tuan Kiet accidentally revealed that Phat La married Thien An, when?

Kim Lâm17:18:08 24/01/2024
The love story between Phat La and Miss Doan Thien An recently attracted public attention. Recently, people became even more restless when Gin Tuan Kiet suddenly revealed the couple's future marriage.

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Doan Thien An was exonerated, and the team came forward to declare that the story of being banned was a fabrication

Gia Nhi09:54:16 29/12/2023
Miss Doan Thien An's side officially denied all false information about herself during the past few days. Accordingly, the queen declared that the stories about her being banned from taking exams at the University were completely false.

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Thien An was suspected of being banned from taking the exam because she missed more than the prescribed number of sessions and forgot to study while running a show?

Đình Như11:22:35 28/12/2023
On December 27, netizens on a Vietnamese beauty fan forum suddenly passed on images that are said to be related to Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An.

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Phat La is "hard to talk about" about his dating status, netizens shout the name of beauty queen Doan Thien An

Phương Thảo07:11:15 12/12/2023
Having been involved in many dating rumors with Miss Doan Thien, Phat La has now made people excited again because of his difficulty in telling the truth about his dating status at Stars Enlistment 2024.

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Thuy Tien - Bao Ngoc: how to interact with Vietnamese representatives during the incumbency?

Vân Anh17:36:47 06/12/2023
Thuy Tien and Bao Ngoc are the first international queens of the Golden Lotus Company. Although the caliber of the two competitions is different, both shine in their fields and serve as role models for many young girls.

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Xemesis on the clip r.evealing the rustic face and sloppy appearance of Young Mango, Phat Luo Tian'an openly dating?

Khánh Huyền10:12:46 05/12/2023
Xemesis posted a new vlog, r.evealing his wife's slouchy and rustic face. It is also inadvertent for fans to see a detail of the couple in question of dating: Phat La - Doan Tianjin.

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Doan Thien An made the audience regretful for one thing, fans hope to have the opportunity to compete internationally for the second time

Mưa12:34:26 25/11/2023
After the end of her term, the visual of the beauty from Long An was clearly recognized for her promotion. Not only her appearance, her elegant but also gentle temperament also makes netizens unable to take their eyes off her.

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Miss Grand 2023: The representative of Thailand "dethroned" Le Hoang Phuong twice but failed, is the source of the problem from the organizers?

Nhật Hân18:33:53 21/10/2023
The situation on the race board at Miss Grand International 2023 has reached a tense point when the contestants all have close results. Accordingly, the Thai representative is probably the most bitter case.

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Le Hoang Phuong created a miracle when he received special treatment at MGI to help Vietnam have a new prosperity

Bảo Tiên15:15:38 14/10/2023
Unexpectedly receiving unprecedented treatment, Miss Le Hoang Phuong is currently one of the formidable contestants at MGI 2023, once again Vietnam has the opportunity to get the green light on the international racetrack.

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Thien An had undergone psychological treatment for a long time because of the incident, and suddenly revealed similarities with Nhiet Ba

Snow10:00:30 12/10/2023
Doan Thien An's sharing about his mother quickly touched the hearts of the audience and fans. Even though she is no longer in this world, she still exists forever in her subconscious.

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Bui Quynh Hoa set a "record" in the history of the Miss cast, the "achievement" far exceeded Y Nhi, fans were surprised!

Nhật Hân11:36:40 06/10/2023
It can be said that among the generations of Misses, Y Nhi is the brightest name for the title of the most extraordinary Miss in history. However, recently, Bui Quynh Hoa excelled far beyond juniors with unexpected achievements.

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Is Le Hoang Phuong capable of "swallowing the mic" in English, shocking beauty through a series of "normal orange" photos?

Gia Linh10:01:08 04/10/2023
Landing at Hanoi airport, Hoang Phuong made beauty fans excited. But with her foreign language skills and stature, the beauty has satisfied fans.

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Miss Thien An suspected of leaking car clip with Phat La, fans shouted her name, the owner came out to clarify

Phúc Sen14:30:45 17/09/2023
Miss Doan Thien An went to the personal page of rumored boyfriend Phat La for the first time, clarifying the suspicion of sharing a car and filming a clip with the actor. Speaking straight to the face makes the people pushing the boat speechless.

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Phuong Nhi "gaffe" because of the "lack of fabric" costumes, strange beauty before the international war

Gia Linh15:54:17 13/09/2023
Runner-up Phuong Nhi recently became the focus of attention at the event. Dressed in somewhat cool outfits, the beauty also stunned with her beauty. It is known that the day when Phuong Nhi leaves for the international arena is still very close.

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Tian An was pointed out by the fans as "cutlery to go to incense", there is concrete evidence all the way

Gia Linh12:15:02 09/09/2023
Miss Thien An was once praised by people for her ducking of swans thanks to her weight loss efforts. However, recently, the images proving Hau interfered with cutlery caused fans to stir.

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Changjiang reminded Tian Yan before handing over the crown, and he clarified the attitude of Yan Fang and Fang Luo

T.P16:44:59 28/08/2023
Artist Truong Giang - Nha Phuong, and Thien An's rumored boyfriend - actor Phat La, have just caused a stir when they are unexpectedly present at the final of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023.

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