Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were "crushed" for judging Miss Grand Vietnam

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The reigning Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong and former beauty queen Doan Thien An are causing intense controversy when they were just announced by the organizers as two members of the jury of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 season is gradually hotter than ever, when the admission information and the start of receiving applications have been officially announced by the Organizing Committee. This year, the contest promises to be as explosive as the previous two seasons, and also affirms that it will be a prestigious, fair and classy beauty playground. Fans are also looking forward to the prominent names who will register to compete, succeeding the reigning beauty queen Miss Grand Vietnam - Le Hoang Phuong.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 1

The jury of the competition has also gradually appeared. In addition to the famous and familiar names from last season, this year, surprisingly, the two queens, Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An, will sit on the jury. reference, causing fierce debate among netizens. Accordingly, the fact that a reigning beauty queen like Le Hoang Phuong sits in the judge's chair for the very contest that she has not yet crowned is considered unprofessional and a bit overwhelming. This is also a rare school in beauty playgrounds, and also the first time in Vietnamese beauty contests.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 2

Fans commented that perhaps Le Hoang Phuong had just judged the exam and just walked the final walk, looking very unsightly. The next controversial name is Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Doan Thien An. As a former beauty queen, it is completely reasonable to be invited back to judge next season, but fans think that the beauty from Long An is not qualified enough to be a judge.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 3

Some opinions say that when Doan Thien An was crowned domestically and competed internationally, he encountered many controversies. And yet, she only achieved top 20 results at Miss Grand International 2022, an achievement that is not so outstanding as to be able to sit in the same judges' seats as many other names.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 4

Besides the two controversial names above, the most popular character is Miss Thuy Tien. After being crowned Miss Grand International 2021, Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien continuously appeared at major events at home and abroad. Not only is she diligently engaged in artistic activities, she also actively participates in promoting Vietnamese culture with outstanding projects and inspirational programs for pupils, students, and young people, and has excellently received certificates of merit. Typical young Vietnamese faces in 2021 from the Prime Minister. She also served as a judge for Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 and Miss Grand Vietnam 2023.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 5

During her time as Miss Grand International, Thuy Tien actively inspired with meaningful community activities, series such as "Night Swing", "Farmer"... Recently, she was honored to represent Vietnamese youth spoke at the Dialogue program between the Secretary General of ASEAN and ASEAN youth.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 6

However, some people also gave their opinions in defense and commented that Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were completely capable of sitting as judges. With her promoted beauty and a journey of development full of efforts, Miss Doan Thien An always makes a mark. She is also loved for her vivacity, friendliness and close community projects such as the Book Study Series, Khuyet Workshop...

Recently, Thien An donated her long hair to the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCVN). After the competition, Thien An actively participated in many fashion catwalks as well as some music videos and had roles on stage. The beauty also revealed that she will appear in a movie soon.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 7

Graduating in architecture from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in 2021, Le Hoang Phuong is currently the CEO of an architecture company, specializing in design drawing and construction. With much experience and high achievements in previous beauty contests, Le Hoang Phuong was crowned Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and officially represented Vietnam at Miss Grand International 2023. After many rounds of competition, she excellently won. won the Best National Costume a.ward and was 4th runner-up overall.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 8

Besides the three beauty queens, the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 organizing committee also announced that the Deputy and Head of the Jury are People's Artist Vuong Duy Bien and Miss Ha Kieu Anh, respectively. This is the third year that two representatives have accompanied the contest in this role.

Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were crushed for judging Miss Grand Vietnam - Photo 9

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