Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of "going the other way" with Phat Luo

Phi YếnFeb 18, 2024 at 12:01

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Truong Giang and Nha Phuong have just had a livestream chat with fans not long ago. Participating in the livestream with the famous artist pair was also Phat La.

Surely many people still know, recently, the online community spread information that Miss Thien An dated Phat La - a student of Truong Giang. The pair were seen regularly appearing together, at some family revelries and a few other events that delighted the audience.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 1

And at times like that, Phat La is also constantly caught making some sweet gestures for Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. Not to mention, the actor also actively attended events with the postpartum in 2000.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 2

Until recently, in a livestream, Truong Giang attracted attention when he hinted that Phat Luo had just broken up: "Phat is now in the time of silence." Not only that, his husband Nha Phuong also sang: "A love affair is broken, one person is happy and one person is very hurt." In addition, the artist even "sticks" his students when he thinks that his partner stays up all night crying.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 3

Not stopping, Pisces Luan, when called by Changjiang to participate in the live broadcast, also sent a message to Phat Luo: "Wish Phat will have a new love, do not return to the old love."

Before the joke of the teacher and colleagues, Phat Luo did not hide his embarrassment and asked Nha Fang: "At the beginning of the year, you livestreamed to open a round of showbiz stories." Immediately afterwards, Mrs. Changjiang happily replied, "Not at all."

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 4

Through the above details, many netizens speculated that Phat Luo and Miss Tian'an really broke up. Although the two have not once confirmed it, many people believe that they have a special relationship. Currently, Truong Giang's sharing series is attracting a lot of attention from the online community.

Previously, when suspected of dating Phat La, the beauty of Long An origin frankly denied: "We play close to each other, in the same association with many other brothers and sisters such as Ms. Nha Phuong, Mr. Truong Giang.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 5

People question my romance but at the moment, I want people to be interested in artistic activities and meaningful projects during my tenure."

Thien An was crowned Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 and was Vietnam's representative in the Top 20 overall at Miss Peace International 2022. The beauty used to join Nha Phuong in the "Star Enlistment". Therefore, both she and the "rumored love" Phat Luo have a close relationship with the Ten Difficulties couple.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 6

Meanwhile, Phat La is an actor loved by the audience for his natural, graceful acting style and good-looking face. After participating in the "Xiaolin Arena" program and achieving runner-up status, he became Changjiang's pet student.

Back to Tianjin, recently, on social media, her extremely harsh response to antifans when she was criticized for her beauty. Specifically, this person commented below a video to "coffee" the beauty from Long An hometown: "I greet my great-grandmother." Without hesitation, Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 responded to the account's unflattering statement: "Are you delusional? Where did I give birth? Liu liu".

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 7

In fact, this is not the first time that the postpartum in 2000 has received negative reviews about her image. Previously, she was often commented by the audience on her appearance and beauty not standard since achieving the title of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022.

Constantly being criticized for her b.ody, Thien An tried to balance keto eating combined with exercise to lose weight. Although much has changed from the past, the public still does not recognize her efforts.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 8

However, these things do not affect the psychology of the beauty of Long An origin too much. She still participates in major events, gamesshows and continues to be active as a beauty queen.

Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of going the other way with Phat Luo - Photo 9

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