Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream?

Phi ĐứcApr 11, 2024 at 11:06

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Miss Grand Vietnam (Miss Peace Vietnam) 2024 officially launched, opening applications to prepare for the journey to find a successor. The audience was immediately surprised with the birth of the livestream sales competition.

Recently, the organizers of Miss Grand Vietnam (Miss Peace Vietnam) attracted the attention of the beauty-loving community when announcing the rules of the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest to find the successor of Miss Le Hoang Phuong.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 1

According to MGVN President - Ms. Pham Kim Dung, Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 will apply a new format following the parent contest Miss Grand International (MGI) and the host contest Miss Grand Thailand (MGT).

Miss Grand Vietnam organizers also commented that following the Miss Grand International contest is also a good preparation for Vietnamese contestants in the international arena.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 2

Among them, Best Seller is one of the innovations that has received a lot of attention from Miss Grand Thailand in recent years. Specifically, contestants participating in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 will livestream sales and this prize is calculated based on the sales the beauties collect at the end of the contest.

"We are not sure that Miss Grand International will have an additional Best Seller contest, but following the host contest, Miss Grand Thailand, is also good preparation for the Vietnamese representative. Furthermore, in the 4.0 sales era, We think that exposing contestants to this method is also an opportunity for beauties to experience new jobs, who knows, maybe they will be able to apply them after the contest ends," said Ms. Pham Kim Dung - President. Miss Grand Vietnam shared.

"Currently, we announce the rules and officially receive applications from contestants to participate in the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest. Regarding the items sold by livestream contestants, the contestant wins the Best a.ward. Whether or not the Seller is placed will be the Miss Grand Vietnam Organizing Committee in the near future," Ms. Dung added.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 3

Not only that, at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, the organizers decided to organize the Grand Voice Awards competition to find the musical talents of the beauties. This is the first competition within the framework of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, beautiful women will have the opportunity to s.how o.ff their musical talents to the audience.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 4

"This is the first time within the framework of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, contestants will have the opportunity to s.how o.ff their musical and singing talents to the beauty-loving community.

I believe that this is a "playground" that brings together many outstanding faces in appearance, talent and enthusiasm.

If a contestant has made an effort to shine and between us there is a common voice and consensus to cooperate and develop, there is no reason for us to refuse that contestant from becoming a star at the host company. , even though that beauty did not win the highest position at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024," said Miss Grand Vietnam president.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 5

The contest is expected to take place around July and August in Ho Chi Minh City, promising to bring many surprises and drama to the audience.

The winner will become Vietnam's representative at the international contest Miss Grand International 2024 , where she will face off against talented and beautiful competitors from many countries around the world.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 6

Miss Grand Vietnam - is not only a beauty contest, but also a place to honor the beauty and spirit of modern Vietnamese women. With the criteria of confidence, steadfastness and compassion, MGVN contestants not only aim for the prestigious crown but are also the faces representing the strength and spirit of Vietnamese women.

With little anticipation from the audience and opponents and creative new changes, MGVN 2024 promises to be a memorable and hopeful season.

Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream? - Photo 7

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