Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor?

Kim LâmApr 02, 2024 at 16:31

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On social media, Doan Thien An suddenly showed off her huge diamond ring, raising the question of getting married. In the midst of the people shouting Phat La's name, Doan Thien An publicly identified the other half as a famous Korean actor.

Recently, Duan Tianyin suddenly posted an image of holding hands with a mysterious man. However, fans focused on the large diamond ring worn by the queen in a special place. At this size, many predict that the value does not appear to be small.

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 1

In addition, Doan Thien An also posted the status: Yes I Do as a tacit confirmation that she has accepted the marriage proposal and will have a wedding soon.

To the audience's curiosity about the identity of her "other half", Thien An decided to publicize her "boyfriend" as actor Kim so Hyun: "Let people not be curious anymore, my groom. I really wanted to hide..." Before her move, most viewers affirmed that the beauty is still really single, and only expressed admiration and love for the popular Korean star that has been sought after by the media recently.

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 2

In another aspect, in the photo showing off the proposal ring that the queen posted, the online community shed light on the details of the watch worn by Doan Thien An's boyfriend. This item has a design quite similar to the watch posted earlier by actor Phat La. This moment also featured Duan Tianjin.

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 3

These matching details have sparked rumors that Duan Tian'an's boyfriend is comedian Phat La – Changjiang's pet student. Other viewers suggested that the queen's actions could have been a joke on April Fool's Day (April 1), as many chose the day of lying to announce curious news.

In the past, Miss Thien An was involved in the question of dating actress Phat La because the two used to hang out with Truong Giang and Nha Fang. When talking about this rumor, the beauty said that she and Phat La only played with a group of friends:

"Me, Phat La and Nha Phuong and my wife play in the same association. I knew Phat Luo through Uncle Changjiang, and the group was very close. When I was rumored to be dating, I found it funny. I hope that instead of focusing on romance, people can be interested in my career or what I want to contribute to the community and society. In the near future, I also have a lot of plans and hope that everyone will support and accept it."

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 4

As for Phat La, he once confessed: "Now I want to focus more on my career. As for personal life, Phat La is also happy to be cared for by everyone."

However, in February 2024, Doan Thien An - Phat La has a question of "going their way". The reason was traced back to a teasing comment by Changjiang towards Phat Luo at a livestream: "Phat is now in the process of silent. A broken heart, someone who is happy, someone who is hurting."

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 5

Phat La's full name is La Vinh Phat, born in 1993. He is a comedian familiar to the audience through many theatrical performances, movies, and entertainment programs. Phat Luo is a pet student, a junior who is supported by the comedian Changjiang.

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 6

Doan Thien An was born in 2000, crowned Miss Peace Vietnam 2022, reaching the Top 20 of Miss World Peace 2022. The beauty possesses a healthy and sharp beauty, studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry. HCM. Doan Thien An had just finished her term as Miss when she handed over the crown to Le Hoang Phuong a few months ago.

Duan Tianyin showed off his diamond ring, accepted a marriage proposal, and the other half was a Korean actor? - Photo 7

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