Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth?

Trí NhiApr 22, 2024 at 16:09

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Runner-up Phuong Nhi recently made beauty fans confused when netizens suddenly revealed evidence that she had left the management unit, officially "disgraced" and completely independent from now on. However, the subjective unit quickly handled the rumors.

Miss World Vietnam 2022 2nd runner-up - Nguyen Phuong Nhi is a queen who has recently received a lot of public attention, when she was involved in a lot of noise related to statements and conflicts with beauties in the same management unit. physical. Phuong Nhi possesses sweet beauty and clear visual. The Thanh Hoa beauty is also considered a "billionaire fairy". However, the queen's image was gradually affected when she was constantly entangled in noise.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 1

Currently, Phuong Nhi is focusing on studying, after a period of reservation to work in showbiz after being crowned runner-up and participating in the Miss International contest. Recently, this model born in 2002 has also been quite quiet, and the queen's management agency is also said to not be very interested in her. Recently, on groups specializing in discussing beauty queens, beauty fans suddenly spread the news that Phuong Nhi had left the company and was no longer under the management of her old unit. This information made people surprised.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 2

Accordingly, in the posted happy birthday poster, Phuong Nhi was suddenly discovered by fans that there was no logo of the managing unit's name attached, something that any beauty in the company, when being made a poster, also has . This clear sign makes the rumor that Phuong Nhi operates independently increasingly verified. The most recent poster wishing Doan Thien An a happy birthday, when it was brought up by fans, there was absolutely no mistake about missing this logo.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 3

Immediately, the post on the group quickly spread widely, receiving a lot of attention. Immediately after the rumor spread, Phuong Nhi's management unit immediately took action to handle it. Specifically, Phuong Nhi's happy birthday post was quickly edited to delete the old poster, replaced by a new poster with the full logo. Fans believe that Phuong Nhi's departure from the management unit is inaccurate information, and maybe the poster post's lack of logo is just a small mistake.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 4

Before that, Phuong Nhi was rumored to have been "dissented" by beauties from the same company. Even Luong Thuy Linh - the queen who used to be very close to Phuong Nhi - was criticized for "disparaging" her youngest sister when she deleted all the pictures taken together on her personal page. When the rumor broke out, the representative explained that the queen "cleaned up" her personal page to build an image that matches her current style. While Luong Thuy Linh was selecting and hiding old photos, she accidentally had moments taken with Phuong Nhi, so a few photos of the two together were lost. "These decisions have all been approved by the company and relevant individuals," the company emphasized.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 5

The last time she appeared was at the announcement and sash ceremony for Miss Mai Phuong to win Miss World. During the period when her close sister participated in the international competition, runner-up Phuong Nhi caused controversy because she did not take any steps to support or cheer her up. After that, Phuong Nhi posted a post calling for votes for Mai Phuong and has remained silent until now. Not long ago, netizens discovered that Phuong Nhi silently blocked comments on social networking platforms to avoid being attacked.

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 6

In March 2023, Phuong Nhi once shared about the issue of being favored over Mai Phuong and Bao Ngoc: "If you ask Phuong Nhi to be favored over Mai Phuong and Bao Ngoc, the answer is definitely no." Because all 3 have different directions. Currently, Ms. Mai Phuong is preparing for an international competition in May, Ms. Bao Ngoc is the reigning Miss Intercontinental so she will have her own activities I love art and am more inclined towards entertainment, so Nhi shared with the company what she was aiming for, from which the company helped as much as possible."

Phuong Nhi revealed evidence that she left the management company, was exposed by fans, what is the truth? - Photo 7

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