Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother

Đức TríMar 07, 2024 at 11:06

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Actor Phat Luo was suddenly dug up for a series of insensitive behaviors with Miss Doan Tianjin, once jokingly made the queen sit on her lap, referring to her late mother on the livestream. Netizens simultaneously threw harsh stones.

In recent days, the name of actor Phat La can be said to be the face of the artist who is being attacked the most by the online community on social networks. Accordingly, he was criticized for his extravagant, thoughtless, less refined personality with women, specifically here singer Trang France. The incident made not only Trang Fa, but also those around her froze, not thinking that an artist Phat La could make such a rude joke.

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 1

Recently, social media continued to dig up a series of unkind statements of Phat Luo for Miss Doan Tianjin, everyone was stunned by this behavior of the actor. Accordingly, during Tian'an's livestream, Phat Luo had a joke that was not easy to hear: "An sits there and can't see it, come over here and sit on your lap." And yet, Phat Luo also continued to carelessly mention the queen's late mother, causing her and Nha Fang, when sitting next to her, to be 'happy'.

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 2

Specifically, during the livestream, Thien An told a story to Nha Phuong : "I charged the battery and picked up the phone to see 1 hour and 11 minutes". Su Fang replied , "In the old days, my friend used to say, if you see the same time, someone is missing you." In response to Nha Fang, Tian An said that he often saw the same time. Immediately, Phat Luo made a statement that made everyone 'spray glue', he carelessly reminded of the queen's late mother: "Sometimes you stay at home." Tian Yan replied dumbfoundedly, "Which mother remembers?"

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 3

Su Fang immediately fought the fire, raised Phat Luo's hand and signaled to stop. However, the Family is No. 1 actor still deliberately repeated it for the 2nd time before realizing his gaffe, saying he didn't know his thoughts.

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 4

Recently about the incident with Trang France, netizens reacted to a clip cut from Phat La's livestream with Trang France and Misthy causing intense controversy. In which the actor born in 1993 became the focus of criticism. Specifically, when performing the challenge of "listening" to Trang Fa, Phat La used a driving sentence containing sensitive and rude words to seniors. Not only did Fang Luo's words confuse Zhuang Fa, but Misthy also looked embarrassed and immediately prevented him from saying more.

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 5

In the midst of a wave of harsh criticism, Phat La also gave an explanation, acknowledged his poor behavior and apologized. Specifically, he shared: "During the livestream, the program challenged me and Misthy to each listen to Trang Fa 10 sentences in turn. Because of the unexpected and overwhelming challenge, both of them both performed the challenge and needed to use the online reference phone. I was in a hurry to carelessly choose to use inappropriate content."

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 6

In addition to the apology post, Phat La also included a photo containing the source of the sensitive sentence he used, to explain his error. After the incident, the Family Is No. 1 actor asked to learn from the experience, and promised to be more careful in the next livestreams.

Currently, after Phat La's mouthful noise, Vietnamese netizens all simultaneously have a different view of him. Besides, fans also hope the actor can soon change this personality, need to know how to control his speech more appropriately, avoid causing more noise affecting his image.

Phat Luo once made Duan Tianyin sit on his lap, ungracefully reminding him of his late mother - Photo 7

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