The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans

Gia NhiApr 21, 2024 at 13:13

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International beauty fans are extremely shocked by the news of a plus-sized contestant, weighing more than 100kg, joining the beauty race, competing for an international spot in the Miss Peru 2024 contest. Her identity was quickly revealed by netizens. bare.

The Miss Peru 2024 contest has officially launched, aiming to find Peruvian representatives at major beauty contests around the world this year. The organizing committee introduced the official contestants of this year's contest. Among them, notably the plus-sized beauty Nayaj Gámez Pumarada. She is the reigning Miss Plus Size Peru 2023.

On April 17, Nayaj Gámez Pumarada joined the Miss Peru 2024 contestants. She had a presentation in front of the jury members. The beauty wore a see-through black jumpsuit and confidently posed in front of the camera.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 1

Sharing about the purpose of participating in the contest, Nayaj Gámez Pumarada said: "Being a beauty queen is not just about being beautiful in a dress and crown. Being a queen involves the responsibility of representing a cause and in my case a minority and invisible community".

"I have always spread the message of love and self-acceptance, validation should always come from within. The world is not always a friendly place, try to be a safe place from our foundation," the beauty shared further.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 2

Nayaj Gámez Pumarada's appearance at the Miss Peru 2024 contest caught the attention of beauty fans. The website Sash Factor also posted an article about Nayaj Gámez Pumarada and received many mixed comments. Many beauty fans support Nayaj Gámez Pumarada to participate in the national beauty arena. They believe that her appearance is an encouragement to plus-sized women who still have low self-esteem and guilt.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 3

However, there are also many mixed opinions about plus-size people competing in beauty contests. "She can participate, but she will never be crowned, as female billionaire Anne Anne Jakrajutatip said," a netizen commented.

Previously, a video recording a private meeting between transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip and her team in Mexico on October 23, 2023 was posted online by a former employee of the Miss Universe organization named Rodrigo Goytortua, causing the audience to gossip.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 4

In the clip, Ms. Anne affirmed that the Miss Universe contest has no age limit, allowing transgender women, plus-size women, married women, and children to participate, but will not let these people win.

Ms. Anne also affirmed that their participation in the contest was only to increase audience reach and business. In addition, the transgender billionaire also intends to organize the Miss Universe contest in the form of reality television to attract audiences through dramas, while integrating advertising and sales of goods.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 5

Ms. Anne's statements caused a stir in the beauty world. The Thai billionaire received a lot of criticism. She was accused of taking advantage of plus-sized women to create media for her competition.

Previously, at the Miss Universe 2023 contest - Nepal's contestant was one of the very special girls, with an oversized b.ody. However, she broke all limits, because she reached the top 20 in the final night. Regarding President Anne's clip, the beauty also spoke up. On her personal page, Nepali beauty - Jane Dipika Garrett (top 20 Miss Universe 2023) wrote: "I knew the contest was arranged from the moment I stepped on stage. I recognized the girls who were extended by the group." criteria like mine will never have a real chance to be crowned."

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 6

However, the beauty still said : "But it's realistic and I'm still very happy because of the experiences there and the foundation I built. I have lovely supporters and that's true for me." more important than the crown".

Jane Dipika Garrett attracted attention at the Miss Universe 2023 contest as the only plus-size beauty. She always appears confident to convey the message of women's beauty at all sizes.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 7

Jane Dipika's entry into the top 20 at Miss Universe 2023 is considered an encouragement to women, helping them overcome inferiority complex to assert themselves in major beauty playgrounds.

The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans - Photo 8

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