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The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event

Bút Máy16:42:02 29/05/2024
Hikari Mori's act of suppressing her because she wanted to get into the frame of international media is causing outrage. The female model has locked the comments section on Instagram, seemingly to avoid attacks.

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Ho Ngoc Ha overwhelmed Thu Ky when they were in the same frame, the senior made a basic mistake

Hoàng Phúc16:32:30 23/05/2024
On the evening of May 22, Ho Ngoc Ha attended the event of high-end jewelry company Bvlgari. In addition, the program also has the participation of two famous stars, Thai actress Mai Davika and actress Thu Ky.

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Anne Hathaway "shakes hands" with Miss World Priyanka Chopra and "knocks out" Liu Yifei

Kim Lâm16:44:35 21/05/2024
Anne Hathaway, Priyanka Chopra, Liu Yifei and Shu Qi reunited at an event in Rome. Appearing at the event, top showbiz stars showed off together in this rare and hard-to-find moment.

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Miss Universe has an older beauty queen and a transgender female president whose name is being called out

Bút Chì14:26:22 16/05/2024
Having a 32-year-old crowned beauty has broken all the principles that Miss Universe has built over the past decades. This incident is also causing fierce controversy among beauty fans.

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Miss Universe said Miss Grand's heel was criticized as a "circus", Mr. Nawat must be gloating?

Bảo Nam16:58:44 25/04/2024
Ms. Alejandra Rodríguez, 60 years old, being crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024 has caused controversy on beauty forums. In an article by beauty site Missuupdates, an audience member bluntly called the contest a circus.

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The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans

Gia Nhi13:13:54 21/04/2024
International beauty fans are extremely shocked by the news of a plus-sized contestant, weighing more than 100kg, joining the beauty race, competing for an international spot in the Miss Peru 2024 contest. Her identity was quickly revealed by netizens. bare.

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MU owner withdraws Cambodia's copyright, Bao Ngoc is supported to succeed Bui Quynh Hoa?

Hoàng Phúc21:58:29 08/04/2024
Recently, the copyright holder sent Cambodian representatives to compete in the Miss Universe contest has posted a notice that they were withdrawn by the transgender billionaire, so they said goodbye.

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Anne Hathaway: "The American Rose", hated just because she is too perfect

Hoàng Trang18:55:01 25/03/2024
Once the most hated person in America, however, after going through many ups and downs, Anne Hathaway has finally proven her talent and strength, becoming the most sought-after star in Hollywood.

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The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent

Hương Duy17:53:37 25/03/2024
Immediately after the news that Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip and four directors were ordered to be detained, the spokesperson of JKN Group quickly issued a press release responding to the incident, causing an extremely stir on social networks.

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"Auntie Anne" Miss Universe was arrested for embezzlement, the Thai runner-up acted offensively

Minh Lợi10:05:21 25/03/2024
The fact that transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip is facing an arrest warrant in the case of her company being sued for embezzlement is a topic that is causing a stir among people.

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The tycoon of Miss Venezuela joins Miss Universe, Vietnamese fans are worried that it will be difficult to join

JLO14:08:21 15/03/2024
On March 14, Mr. Raul Rocha - the new owner of Miss Universe appeared on Telemundo TV channel and announced that Osmel Sousa - who is known as the boss of Miss Venezuela, has joined the Miss Universe organization.

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Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited

Hoàng Trang10:02:49 29/02/2024
According to transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - president of the Miss Universe pageant, the videos recording the closed meetings of the Miss Universe organizing committee that are being spread on social networks have been edited and cut. combined with bad intentions.

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Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy

Thiên Di15:48:41 24/02/2024
In recent days, a series of scandals related to Miss Universe have caused the reputation of the most attractive and prestigious beauty contest on the planet to decline. Recently, a series of shocking information in a closed meeting was leaked, causing even more controversy.

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The former president of Miss Universe sued the transgender female billionaire, denying the news of buying and selling the prize

JLO14:21:05 20/02/2024
Recently, on her personal page, Ms. Paula Shugart - former President of Miss Universe suddenly posted a long article about the conflict with transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe's owner, surprising many people.

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Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy "revealed" the final result right from the semi-final night

Kim Lâm14:00:01 16/02/2024
Miss Universe 2022 was one of the beauty arenas that caught the eye at the time. This is the first year Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip has taken over the competition, and the noise about the final result has also caused controversy.

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Miss Universe has more owners, Asian fans demand a boycott, Le Hoang Phuong sets a record

Hoàng Phúc17:33:01 31/01/2024
Recently, a press conference took place to announce the sale of 50% of Miss Universe shares by Ms. Anne Jakrakutatip - president of JKN Group to Mr. Raúl Rocha Cantú - president of Legacy Holding Group.

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MU 2024 has just added a new owner and hastily released the schedule, so "sluggish" that only 6 countries registered

Đình Như14:24:06 29/01/2024
The schedule of the Miss Universe 2024 contest was recently unexpectedly released with a full timeline: From the contestant gathering day, to the semi-finals, the national costume contest and the final are all available.

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The reigning Miss Universe is criticized for being a disaster through evil cameras, is MU degraded?

Bảo Nam18:16:58 27/01/2024
Recently, the reigning Miss Universe - Sheynnis Palacios and Miss Universe owner - Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip attracted attention when appearing at the press conference to launch the co-owner of the contest in Mexico.

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The 72-year-old woman competed in Miss Universe, the runner-up defeated H'Hen Niê and her boyfriend proposed to her

JLO08:12:51 17/01/2024
On January 16, the Miss Universe Argentina home page announced that Iris Amelia Alioto, 72 years old, registered for the Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024 contest. If she wins, she will represent the capital to compete with the girls at the playground. larger scale.

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Miss Universe transgender president made a shocking statement, demanding to sue a series of slanderers

Pinky14:38:24 10/01/2024
Miss Universe's transgender president - Anne Jakrakutatip has just made a shocking announcement to beauty fans around the world. She announced that she was ready to sue a series of slanderers, related to the recent noise.

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Miss Universe President - transgender billionaire Anne was shamed by a judge, the owner responded strongly

T.P08:58:21 11/12/2023
The president of the Miss Universe beauty contest - Thai transgender billionaire - Ms. Anne has just spoken out and caused a stir among beauty fans around the world, when she suddenly denounced a judge of the contest, even a friend. Her b.ody is a bad-tempered, mean person.

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Miss Universe 2023 is at risk of being suspended because the new owner filed for bankruptcy, will Bui Quynh Hoa lose everything?

Minh Lợi11:42:14 10/11/2023
On the morning of November 9, Khaosod English newspaper reported that the JKN group of transgender billionaire Anne Jakrakutatip - owner of the Miss Universe contest - filed for bankruptcy to extend debt repayment.

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An older runner "circumvented the rules" to participate in MU2023, organizers face consequences when "relaxing" the age of contestants?

Gia Linh14:45:45 19/10/2023
Miss Universe 2023 caused a stir among beauty fans when it decided to relax the registration age not long ago. Until recently, the information that the oldest runner-up in MU history became a contestant became even more controversial.

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Miss Universe covered Bui Quynh Hoa, still for international competition, 1 miss was investigated but received bitter results?

Thảo Mai15:08:00 05/10/2023
After announcing that she would investigate, the Miss Universe homepage suddenly posted an article related to Bui Quynh Hoa. Immediately, netizens left many comments forcing the organization to clarify its actions.

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