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The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans

Gia Nhi13:13:54 21/04/2024
International beauty fans are extremely shocked by the news of a plus-sized contestant, weighing more than 100kg, joining the beauty race, competing for an international spot in the Miss Peru 2024 contest. Her identity was quickly revealed by netizens. bare.

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Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level

Ning Jing17:30:49 26/10/2023
After overcoming many beauty competitors from many countries around the world to win the top position of Miss Grand International, the new Miss Peru immediately publicly declared her love for her boyfriend.

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Miss Universe 2022: Spain and Peru send 2 real "rich kid", Ngoc Chau this trip

Hoàng Phúc14:45:30 26/11/2022
The Miss Universe 2022 contest marks the participation of a large number of contestants who have both beautiful beauty and impressive education. In the extreme beauty lineup, there are 2 genuine rich kid girls. Not only do they have beautiful beauty, illustrious personal...

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Miss Peru dressed sexily, 'groped' and slapped in face by monkey in Bali

Jennie13:38:59 22/11/2022
It happened on September 9 but recently, the new model posted the clip on social media and it went viral. Many comments left below the video suggested that Manzanal should be more careful when dealing with cheeky monkeys during future travels. Former Miss Peru Paula Manzanal was...

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