The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe

Nguyễn KimApr 08, 2024 at 16:17

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The news that Celinee Santos Frías will remove the title of 4th runner-up at Miss International 2022 has received interest from beauty fans. To make this decision, the beauty said she will continue her dream of conquering Miss Universe.

Recently, according to a widely circulated source on beauty forums, Celinee Santos Frías – 4th runner-up at Miss International 2022 will shelve the title to nurture her Universe dream. This information was immediately talked about by everyone.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 1

It is known that to get the title of Miss International is not easy. And Vietnam's representative in the 2022 season, Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh, has also dropped into the Top 15 in the surprise of many people. However, Celinee Santos Frías says she wants to push her limits and conquer new heights. It is known that she represented her country at Miss Intercontinental 2019 and stopped in the Top 20 when she just turned 19.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 2

According to the rules, the 2022 International runner-up will put aside the prestigious title and accept to return herself to a full zero, competing in the Miss Universe Dominican Republic pageant to be held this May.

Celine Santos Frias is a model and actress who is quite famous in Dominica. The g.irl with a height of 1.81m has extensive experience with large and small beauty contests. On August 18, 2019, the beauty represented the province of Duarte and competed against 29 other contenders in the finale of the Miss Dominican Republic 2019 pageant. As a result, Celine made it into the Top 6.

Celine was Miss Intercontinental Dominican Republic 2019. On December 20, 2019, she represented Dominica in Miss Intercontinental 2019 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and placed in the Top 20 overall.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 3

When newly crowned Miss Dominica International 2021, the beautiful beauty like a real-life doll and the beautiful attitude attracted the attention of the audience who love beauty pageants. Celine Santos Frias possesses a beautiful beauty and an extremely h.ot and seductive Latin b.ody. The perfect 'hourglass' b.ody of the beauty received a lot of praise from the public.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 4

Celine Santos Frias is a law student. Since w.inning this prestigious title, she has become much more famous. The beauty's Instagram page now has tens of thousands of fans. Outside of school, Celine Santos Frias accepts fashion shows and advertising photography. She also has a great passion for dancing to keep her slim, soft figure.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 5

After 6 months of honoring Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, the representative of the contest has shared content revolving around the story of finding the beauty to succeed Bui Quynh Hoa.

On her personal page, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga wrote: "Preparing for the press conference to announce the launch of Miss Universe Vietnam 2024. We don't know if we will choose to hold a press conference in mid or late April for a number of reasons. But no matter what day, candidates are ready to prepare to apply to the organizers. Miss Universe 2024 will have the largest number of contestants ever, more than 100 contestants will participate in the pageant taking place in November 2024 in Mexico."

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 6

After changing the organizational system, the Miss Universe 2024 arena also has some "rules" for contestants. In particular, the absence of age limits, marital status and gender have become the topic of discussion of many beauty fans all the time.

"The organizers of Miss Universe announce that they will remove all age restrictions for the pageant and other related pageants. This change will apply starting in 2024 on a global scale. From now on, women of all ages can compete for the Miss Universe crown. From the 72nd Miss Universe pageant and national pageants to find candidates, women who are married as well as pregnant or have children, can compete," the organizers said.

The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe - Photo 7

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