Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3

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After the controversy, the statement of the communications director about the Miss Universe contest gradually subsided. Miss International once again became the focus of criticism of the online community, when the homepage of this contest posted unprofessional statements, touching other contests on social networks.

Accordingly, on March 5, the beauty site Myseaasia.pageant posted an article statistics the number of followers (followers) on Facebook and Instagram of major beauty contests in the world.

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 1

From the data of the rankings, 5 beauty contests are leading in terms of followers on social networking platforms, respectively, Miss Universe, Miss Grand International, Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss Earth. And Miss International - Miss International only ranked 6th with 584,000 followers.

It is very common to rank by the number of followers with data. But it is worth noting that right below this article, the main account with a green check of the Miss International contest commented and immediately caused controversy.

Accordingly, the homepage of Miss International made a comment: "Unfortunately there are many virtual accounts on Instagram". Not stopping there, this page continues to add: "In Japan Facebook is not appreciated by reputable business organizations. That's why we keep it as a communication tool but do not consider Facebook as a source of power in marketing".

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 2

Immediately this comment became the focus of controversy for the beauty fan community on social networks. Some people agree with the above opinion, but there are also many criticisms of the Miss International contest when there are very unprofessional and overly aggressive comments.

In addition, there are also many people who point out that the Miss International contest is losing its appeal and it is almost impossible to increase the number of followers on social networks because of the old format and refusal to reform after many years of organization. These audiences also think that Miss International should focus on renovating her organization to become more and more attractive, instead of touching other beauty contests.

Not long ago, Mr. Stephen Diaz - Miss International's communications director also drew attention with his statement about the new policies of transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip.

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 3

Accordingly, Mr. Stephen said that Anne Jakrajutatip's announcement that the national contest, belonging to the Miss Universe system, would only be crowned for the only Miss who will compete at Miss Universe in the final night, the runner-up will be not being allowed to compete in other contests, is showing the lack of confidence of the Miss Universe organization

"The Miss Universe contest I've known has always had confidence, confidence in their brand, confidence in what they bring. This contest was never threatened or influenced by another competition. "

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 4

"Miss Universe is not afraid of losing its glory when standing with a beauty queen from another organization. That's the Miss Universe pageant I've known. And I don't think banning other contests on the same stage as Miss Universe reflects this organization. have confidence," said Miss International Communications Director.

This statement of course created a huge controversy for netizens. Many people believe that as a communications director for the Miss International pageant, Mr. Stephen should not make bad statements aimed at other pageants. In addition, many netizens analyzed Anne's decision to develop the Miss Universe contest, not related to Miss International.

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 5

Miss International - Miss International began to be held in 1960, is the third largest international beauty contest in the world in terms of age after Miss Universe and Miss World. Contestants must meet the criteria of benevolence, elegance, wisdom, and most importantly, sensitivity to world affairs. Despite being classified as a major and prestigious beauty contest, in recent years Miss International is said to have lost its charm because of the old and boring format of the organization.

Miss International "kicked" in the face of Aunt Anne and Mr. Nawat, the fan "turns the wheel" demanding to be removed from BIG3 - Photo 6

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