H'Hen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention

Phi YếnApr 07, 2024 at 14:43

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Recently, Miss H'Hen Nie was suddenly suspected of secretly having a wedding with her photographer boyfriend. Not long after, the beauty side made a move to deny getting into the flower car.

On April 6, netizens were abuzz with the news that Miss H'Hen Nie had a secret wedding with her photographer boyfriend. The source said the beauty, born in 1992, and her fiancé wore national costumes and performed traditional wedding ceremonies. However, her representatives have said they do not know this information.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 1

By the evening of the same day, H'Hen Nie made a new move on her personal page after being rumored to secretly hold a wedding in her hometown. Accordingly, the 9X queen shared a photo when participating in a charity project in Thanh Hoa. In the photo, she is fresh and holding a b.aby in her arms. This move of the beauty also implicitly denied that she was having a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 2

H'Hen Nie is one of the most spectacular fate changes in Vietnamese beauty. Before being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, she was not very well-off. From a young age, he had to support his parents with manual jobs such as cutting coffee, picking vegetables in the forest, weeding or even herding cows.

The beauty born in 1992 is also not ashamed of her family. She once candidly shared with the media that a bread was also her dream from grade 1 to grade 12.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 3

At the age of 14, H'Hen Nie was supposed to follow the custom in her hometown to get married, but she opposed her family's ideas and expressed her desire to continue her education.

At the age of 20, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 went to Ho Chi Minh City to go to school. Her parents spent only 1 million VND to pocket her, but when it came time to ride, it fell away, this is the memory that Dak Lak hometown long-legged remembers the most.

To live in the magnificent Saigon, H'Hen Nie went through various jobs such as maids, distributing leaflets. However, after becoming Miss, she was not shy when it came to her past work. I even feel grateful, because thanks to such professions help me become more mature.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 4

At the time of being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam, many people reacted to the results because they thought that H'Hen Niê's beauty did not fit the criteria.

However, they do not know that the fact that she conquered the judges is not only judged by her appearance but also a great inspirational story about life.

It was also from this victory that H'Hen's fate changed dramatically. She represented her hometown in Miss Universe and placed in the Top 5 overall. The achievement of the beauty from Dak Lak is considered the highest record of Vietnam in this fierce beauty playground.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 5

After that, H'Hen Nie began to gain popularity and garnered many big advertising contracts. In addition, she is constantly invited to participate in popular TV shows.

Over the past time, the queen has been very active in volunteer activities and scored points with a friendly and close image. Many people also fondly call H'Hen Nie with the name "Miss Nation".

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 6

In terms of personal life, H'Hen Nie is considered a private beauty. During her showbiz activities, the queen only mentioned a boyfriend whose real name is Nguyen Tuan Khoi, 3 years older than her. Currently, he is working as a photographer and director.

After working in the same field, H'Hen Nie and Tuan Khoi officially dated in 2018. However, it was not until July 2019 that the beauty of Dak Lak origin spoke out to confirm herself as a "flower with owner".

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 7

During their time together, the couple broke up and then reunited. Recently, the queen and her boyfriend became entangled in the news of "falling in love from the beginning" because of the love hints of the boys shared on social media.

HHen Nie reveals photo of wedding with boyfriend, insider reaction catches attention - Photo 8

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