Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name

Phượng VũApr 20, 2024 at 13:55

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Miss Supranational has officially returned for the 2024 season, while Vietnam has not yet found a representative to participate, many "thousand-blooded warriors" from countries and territories have begun to register.

Miss Supranational - Miss Supranational 2024 has just started and is considered an "all star" season with the participation of a series of experienced contestants. Some names even have high titles in beauty contests in BIG 6.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 1

Notably, recently, 3 former contestants of the Miss International 2017 season also confirmed their return to the Miss Supranational 2024 race, making the season hotter than ever.

First of all, Chanelle De Lau - representing the Curacao sash s.trip, is 29 years old this year, possesses a great education, graduated in international business in the Netherlands. This beauty is currently working as an actress and model in the US. She has also participated in a number of film projects that were widely released in many countries in the European and American regions.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 2

It is known that Chanelle De Lau fought twice at international competitions. In 2016, she competed in Miss Universe but did not reap the "sweet fruit". A year later, the beauty continued to register for Miss International 2017 and was crowned 1st runner-up.

The second former Miss International 2017 contestant to continue competing at Miss Supranational 2024 is Elizabeth Ledesma. Although she was not among the top contestants in the previous contest she participated in, she is still considered a formidable opponent.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 3

Elizabeth Ledesma has just turned 25 years old, has an impressive height of 1m75 and is proficient in bilingual English - Spanish communication. She will represent the Spain sash s.trip at this year's Miss Supranational.

The third character who will compete in Miss Supranational is Jennifer Valdez. She once wore the Dominican Republic sash to compete at Miss International 2017 but returned "empty-handed". The beauty is currently 25 years old, 1m81 tall and is pursuing a career as a model and dental nurse.

The second confrontation of three former Miss International 2017 contestants is expected to become attractive and become a topic sought after by international media in the near future.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 4

In addition to the three long legs mentioned above, beauty fans are also paying attention to a special character, considered a "thousand-blooded monster" in this race. It is none other than Bryoni Natalie Govender - a beauty from South Africa.

This g.irl once represented the dark continent to compete at Miss Universe - Miss Universe 2023 and successfully reached the Top 20 finals. While the representative of Vietnam, Miss Bui Quynh Hoa, stopped with regret.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 5

Bryoni Natalie Govender impresses with her unusual profile. She has a height of up to 1m76, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Law from a prestigious university and is pursuing a job as a Lawyer. At the time of competing in Miss Universe, this g.irl was considered the "talking machine" of the season.

Bryoni Natalie Govender once shared about her personal project around supporting the empowerment of women in South Africa. "I want to address and eliminate the gaps in women's empowerment by introducing mentoring programs focused on business and leadership courses," she said.

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 6

The South African beauty is expected to make a splash at Miss Supranational 2024. Because, in addition to her impressive profile, other performance-oriented aspects were also clearly demonstrated during her previous international competitions. .

The case of Bryoni Natalie Govender makes the public think of Lalela Mswane - Kim Duyen's rival at Miss Universe 2021. She was also crowned 2nd runner-up but still did not satisfy her hometown fans, so Continue to conquer Miss Supranational 2022 and win the final. Is this a special signal for Bryoni Natalie Govender in the upcoming journey?

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name - Photo 7

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