Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers' b.lood boil

Tuyết NgọcApr 20, 2024 at 10:17

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Nam Em officially re-appeared on social networks after a few days of hiding. This time, she did not livestream "scandalize" or chat with the audience, but instead sold products but acted confusingly.

After being administratively punished twice, Nam Em sometimes wanted to retreat to hide away from the noise of the past time. However, very quickly after that, the beauty queen reopened her personal page and livestreamed singing and joking.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 1

And recently on April 18, Nam Em did a livestream selling cosmetics. Along with the livestream, the beauty from Tien Giang posted a self-encouraging status: "Let's open Hong Phat, less negativity."

It seemed that Miss Mekong Delta 2015 had changed positively after the noise, but she continued to make many people confused by wearing a hat to cover her face during the livestream.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 2

Not to mention, this g.irl didn't even look at the screen, but instead kept looking down, occasionally reading a few comments on the iPad in her hand. This action made many people uncomfortable because Nam Em's interaction with the audience was truly "yes or no".

However, the beauty queen still received encouraging comments from her fans, advising her and her boyfriend to try to overcome this period. While Nam Em reappeared on social networks, Nam Anh suddenly mentioned her in a new share on his personal page.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 3

Accordingly, the Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 wrote: "In the past, I remember the part when my younger sister signed up for the beauty pageant, and the whole family banned it. I don't understand why? After experiencing it, I understand a little bit. But All are experiences that help me study well and grow up."

This post by Nam Anh quickly received the attention of many fans even though Nam Em's name was not clearly stated. This is also the first time she mentioned her sister after the noise that has caused a stir on social networks over the past time.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 4

Not long ago, Nam Em surprised the public when he announced that he would "expose" the story if Nam Anh did not become a monk. This detail raises suspicions that the twins were having an argument, facing the risk of an emotional breakdown.

"Nam Anh is becoming a monk. If he doesn't become a monk today, I will e.xpose Nam Anh's story. As for Nam Anh, he refuses to let go, becomes a monk, knows he is wrong, and if he corrects his mistake, I will acknowledge it, I will not r.eveal it.

Even if you do something wrong, you have to bear the karma and consequences. But people say: Hit those who run away, no one beats those who run back. People know they are wrong, and correcting them is a good thing. Understand," the beauty queen said in a livestream.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 5

Regarding the above status line, a large number of audiences also questioned whether Nam Anh wanted to hint at the dark side behind the beauty playgrounds. Because the beauty is a familiar face at many beauty pageants in the country.

Returning to Nam Em, in recent times she has continuously caused a lot of scandals, making people upset. In early March 2024, this woman was sent a job invitation by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications and was fined 37.5 million VND for providing false information, causing public confusion.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 6

On April 9, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City continued to issue a decision to impose heavier administrative penalties on Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em, with a fine of 10 million VND.

Currently, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 seems to have not realized her mistakes as she continuously makes moves that the audience cannot accept.

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 7

Most recently, Nam Em posted information about the Joker character on both her personal and story pages and had a status line that made the audience feel like she was comparing herself to characters in famous Hollywood movies.

Below Nam Em's post, netizens did not hesitate to scold the 9x beauty. At the same time, she believes that she always plays the victim and deserves the a.ward for actress who plays the most victims of the year because she always blames others for everything and never takes a serious look at herself - How wrong?

Nam Em sells goods live but does not show his face, an action that makes viewers b.lood boil - Photo 8

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