Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever

An NhiApr 14, 2022 at 21:19

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The son of Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong received many compliments on his appearance.

On January 1, 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to a second son for Uong Phong at the age of 41. After giving birth, Zhang Ziyi sometimes shared adorable moments of her little son but never before. let the b.oy show his face.

Recently, the image of a family of 5 including Zhang Ziyi, Uong Phong, her husband's stepdaughter, and their common daughter and son has attracted the attention of netizens. According to the account that posted a series of photos of this famous star's family, they caught Zhang Ziyi and her children visiting an exhibition in Beijing.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 1

That day, Zhang Ziyi wore a green jacket, a black cap, and a mask. While Uong Phong wears a dark red jacket with a white hooded sweater.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 2

While Zhang Ziyi and her husband Uong Phong were engrossed in the exhibition, their son was taken care of by the family's nanny. The b.aby was playing with a toy and netizens captured a close-up photo of his face when he accidentally removed his mask.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 3

In the photo, you can see that the son of the star couple is very pretty and cute. Immediately after the "little master" of Zhang Ziyi's family appeared, netizens commented praising the b.oy's cuteness. Many people commented that the b.oy was very similar to his mother, Zhang Ziyi.

Before marrying Uong Phong, Zhang Ziyi was famous for his troubled love history. The actress is said to have been in love with MC Tap Bei Ning, director Zhang Yimou, young master Huo Kaishan, a young man who is younger than him, has a relationship with basketball star Kobe Bryant and is engaged to foreign billionaire Vivi Nevo.. But the most popular is the "two-handed fishing" scandal with father and son Jackie Chan.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 4

Equal to his wife, Uong Phong is also said to be the most famous male singer in Mainland showbiz, before marrying Zhang Ziyi, Uong Phong had 3 wives and 2 children of his own.

Around mid-2013, Chuong Tu Di and Uong Phong were caught dating many times, at that time, the beauty of the Chuong family was criticized as "depreciating", "out of time" when choosing to love Uong Phong. The actress is also suspected of being the third person to have entered the previous marriage of Uong Phong and Khang Tac Nhu.

The couple's every move was met with a wave of protests, ridicule and smears from the public. While their love was still unsupported, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong were caught at a casino in Macau. This made the public not very sympathetic towards the two.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 5

Not only under the pressure of public opinion, even the couple's family also objected. Because of his past, Uong Phong was not accepted by Zhang Ziyi's family, the male singer once shared: "Her mother also requested that no one in the family mention my name in front of her". There are even rumors that the actress's relatives once rioted at Uong Phong's marriage proposal party, throwing things and causing many guests to be injured, including Vuong Luc Hoanh's wife.

Despite the family's disapproval and fans' objections, in early 2015, the couple quietly registered their marriage and not long after that, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to their first daughter in the US.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 6

After the wedding, they continued to receive many "stone bricks". Before everyone's objections and derision, Uong Phong once expressed to his wife: "I always hope that one day, our feelings will not be considered mean and temporary. I always hope that one day, I and you, we are people who are loved by the public, are not criticized, are not tainted, can receive many sincere blessings."

Overcoming the storms and criticisms, the home of Uong Phong and Zhang Ziyi has gradually proven to everyone that their choice is right. Since getting married and having a daughter, Uong Phong has completely quit g.ambling, he only focuses on family and music projects.

As for Zhang Ziyi, she not only temporarily put off work to support her family, but also loves her husband's stepson. The actress's relationship with Uong Phong's two stepdaughters is very good, even these two girls call Tu Di their mother and love her like their own mother.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 7

Meanwhile, with his sincere concern, the relationship between Uong Phong and his wife's family has gradually improved, the actor once confided, now it is his mother-in-law who is ready to go up. protect him if anyone says bad things about him.

So through many turbulent, broken, scandal. The couple finally found happiness with their small family.

Rarely Zhang Ziyi revealed his son's face, the appearance of the "young master" immediately caused a fever - Photo 8

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