Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a "Xinjiang beauty" and tried to protect his young love

An NhiMay 21, 2024 at 10:45

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Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating "Xinjiang beauty" on Chinese Valentine's Day. Uong Phong also affirmed that young love had nothing to do with his and Truong Tu Di's divorce.

On May 20, on China's Valentine's Day, Uong Phong - ex-husband Zhang Ziyi officially posted a post admitting to dating h.ot g.irl Lam Sam Bac (born in 1990).

Ex-husband Truong Tu Di said that the two met 2 months after he and his ex-wife officially divorced. Four months later, Uong Phong and his young lover started dating. Uong Phong also affirmed that the divorce between him and Zhang Ziyi is completely unrelated to the "third person" as rumored on social networks. Because, before Uong Phong and Truong Tu Di signed the divorce papers, he did not know Lam Sam Bac.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 1

A few days ago, Sohu website reported that male singer Uong Phong introduced his second girlfriend in less than a year of divorcing Dai Hoa Dan Zhang Ziyi. Uong Phong's new love is the first generation h.ot g.irl Sam Lam Bac, real name Ly Xao. She was born in 1990, comes from Xinjiang and currently works in the field of culture and tourism. Sam Lam Bac once participated in the dating show Phi Vu Thanh Nhieu and is the producer of the documentary film China Travel. Regarding his personal life, Sam Lam Bac is divorced and has 1 daughter.

Not only that, Uong Phong took his lover, who is 19 years younger than him, out to eat with his mother and children. Some sources said that the male singer wants to have a serious relationship with Sam Lam Bac, instead of just a fleeting relationship like his previous relationship.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 2

On social networks, the news that Uong Phong "changed his girlfriend" surprised the public. Many netizens are excitedly talking about Uong Phong's short-lived love relationships with beauties old enough to be his children. Before that, this male singer dated model Tran Lo. According to Chinese media, Tran Lo is only 2-3 years older than Uong Phong's daughter Little Apple. It is known that Uong Phong's eldest daughter Little Apple is turning 19 years old this year.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 3

Zhang Ziyi was born in 1979, is one of the leading celebrities in Chinese showbiz, and is also an international star when appearing in hit series such as: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Thap Face Mai Phuc, Jasmine Bloom... While Uong Phong is known as an influential musician, singer, and producer in the Chinese rock music industry.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 4

However, Uong Phong has an extremely complicated personal life. The male artist has had many wives, is addicted to g.ambling and is in debt. Uong Phong's first wife is model Cat Hoi Tiep. They started dating when Cat Hoi Tiep was just 17 years old. While living together, the two had a daughter, Uong Man Hy (also known as Little Apple, born in 2005).

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 5

In 2007, he married his second wife, Khang Tac Nhu. They had 1 daughter but divorced when she was only 8 months old. The reason for the breakup was Uong Phong's a.dultery.

Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong started dating in 2013 and secretly registered their marriage in 2015. At that time, the couple's love story faced great opposition from the public. Many people believe that Uong Phong has had a noisy experience with three marriages and two stepchildren, so he is not worthy of a talented beauty like Zhang Ziyi. However, Dai Hoa Dan still defends her husband and regularly posts happy family moments on social networks. The couple has 1 daughter and 1 son.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 6

In mid-October 2023, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong announced their divorce after 8 years of marriage. On their personal pages, the two confirmed that they had broken up peacefully and would raise their children together. During their time together, Truong Tu Di and Uong Phong had 2 children: 1 daughter and 1 son. Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong did not publicly disclose the reason for their divorce, but some sources said that the male singer was left by his wife because of his g.ambling addiction.

Ex-husband Zhang Ziyi admitted to dating a Xinjiang beauty and tried to protect his young love - Photo 7

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