Pham Bang Bang publicly "disgusted" Zhang Ziyi: "I'm old but I like to play young roles"

Hương DuyMar 25, 2024 at 15:03

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Fan Bingbing's "kicking" act was thought by netizens to be targeting his old enemy Zhang Ziyi. Currently, Pham Bang Bang's series of statements is causing a lot of controversy on Chinese social networks.

Recently, according to Sina news, Pham Bang Bang in a recent interview made many controversial statements. Besides being criticized by fans of his younger brother Pham Thua Thua for mentioning many times about helping his brother advance, Pham Bang Bang also specifically targeted his old enemy in the Dai Hoa Dan ranks, Zhang Ziyi.

Accordingly, when sharing her views on acting in idol films and playing young women in their current U50s, Pham Bang Bang bluntly said: "If I were asked to play the role of a young woman in a historical drama now I don't think it's very appropriate for an idol to wear a silk outfit and grow wings on the back. I felt embarrassed, but the audience was also embarrassed."

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 1

With this statement, Pham Bang Bang was thought by netizens to be mocking Zhang Ziyi. Because before that, this flower g.irl once had the role of a young g.irl, wearing a silk outfit, carrying huge wings behind her back in the movie Thuong Duong Phu in 2021.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 2

Previously, Fan Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi had a feud after they both appeared in the movie Phi Phi Phi Hoan My in 2009. In the movie, Fan Bingbing played the role of the g.irl who snatched Zhang Ziyi's lover. When asked by a reporter where her acting inspiration came from, Pham Bang Bang replied: "I can act according to Zhang Ziyi's features." After that, the two actresses had a public "war of words" during the film's promotion, with no one willing to give in.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 3

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 4

The conflicts gradually increased, causing the two's sisterly relationship to crack and turn into enemies. According to Chinese media, Fan Bingbing was the one who broke the news that Zhang Ziyi had relationships with a number of former high-ranking officials. Although the female star Thap Faces Ambush once denied it, this scandal also seriously affected her image for a long time. Meanwhile, another source said that after the tax evasion scandal, Pham Bang Bang intended to return to showbiz, but Truong Tu Di silently prevented the return of legendary actress Wu Zetian.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 5

Even though they appeared together in many events, everyone said their relationship was "on the same page but not satisfied". In terms of talent, the public still highly appreciates Zhang Ziyi's acting ability, while some people think that Pham Bang Bang is only famous for her role as Kim Toa in the movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach and has other roles. are all quite blurry.

It is known that this is also the first time Pham Bang Bang publicly criticized Truong Tu Di in front of the media. However, the "International Chapter" side is still keeping silent about their colleagues' statements.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 6

Once one of the most sought-after celebrities in the Chinese entertainment industry, in 2018, Pham Bang Bang encountered the biggest turbulence in her career. She was required by the authorities to pay taxes and fines worth hundreds of millions of yuan for tax evasion. The total amount she must pay to avoid criminal prosecution is 883 million yuan (more than 3,000 billion VND).

Even though she had to pay a large fine and was unable to do entertainment activities, Pham Bang Bang still owns a very successful cosmetics company named after her, earning huge profits every year. Thanks to that, Pham Bang Bang maintains a luxurious life, surrounded by branded goods and valuable jewelry.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 7

Through her relationships, Pham Bang Bang tried to find her way back to showbiz a few times but was unsuccessful. She shifted her focus to international activities, continuously appearing on the covers of large and small magazines in different countries. This is considered a smart action as Pham Bang Bang always lets the press and media mention her to easily reach the public.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 8

Tax evasion may be boycotted, but Pham Bang Bang's beauty and charisma are always something that Chinese netizens long to remember. Therefore, in addition to magazines, Pham Bang Bang actively appears at entertainment events and international fashion weeks, each time showing off her unbeatable beauty.

The beauty named Pham also did not forget that she is an actress. Unable to continue domestic projects, she admitted that for someone who loves acting, 5 years of not filming is c.ruel.

Pham Bang Bang publicly disgusted Zhang Ziyi: Im old but I like to play young roles - Photo 9

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