Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life?

Hoàng PhúcMay 05, 2022 at 14:26

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After many years of division, the relationship between Cat Hoi Tiep and Uong Phong is still tense. The strong female model declares that she will never reconcile conflicts with husband and wife Zhang Ziyi - Uong Phong.

On May 4, Sina reported that model Cat Hoi Tiep livestream chatted with the audience. She was angry and burst into tears when she compared her beauty with Zhang Ziyi and was asked about her broken marriage with Uong Phong.

"I don't want to talk about that person, nor do I want to be compared with anyone. I was silent, but you guys are the ones who started the conflict between us. I hate Uong Phong. I will annoy you. My whole life, and I never said a good word to him. Because of Uong Phong, I suffered countless battles of cyber v.iolence, "said Cat Hoi Tiep.

Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life? - Photo 1

Cat Hoi Tiep was born in 1987, used to be one of the famous supermodels in Chinese showbiz. The former model met Uong Phong when he was 17 years old and after 1 year of knowing, they had a daughter Apple without getting married. After the couple broke up, the famous Chinese rocker took custody of Apple's daughter.

Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life? - Photo 2

Cat Hoi Tiep is the former love of Uong Phong and the biological mother of b.aby Apple.

After Uong Phong, Cat Hoi Tiep was once married to Luu Chinh Huc, a businessman 12 years older than her. They have a son together. In 2016, she was suspected of having an affair when she was photographed overnight at the house of giant Cao Phu Soai. In July of the same year, Cat Hoi Tiep was investigated for drug use. In early 2017, Cat Hoi Tiep divorced Luu Chinh Huc.

According to Sina, the private life scandals, along with the stubbornness not to let go of the past, made the image of Cat Hoi Tiep heavily affected. She has completely lost her place in the Chinese model village.

In particular, Cat Hoi Tiep often goes on social networks to scold and curse Uong Phong to destroy her life and career. Cat Hoi Tiep once publicly criticized the famous actress and her husband for taking her biological daughter out to attract the attention of public opinion.

Specifically, Uong Phong posted an image cut from a video to celebrate Zhang Ziyi's birthday. In it, Apple and Zhang Ziyi's daughter - Uong Phong played the piano together to congratulate the actress at Night Party. Zhang Ziyi's eyes were filled with happiness and pride as she looked at her two daughters.

Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life? - Photo 3

Uong Phong once caused a "storm" when he posted happy pictures of Zhang Ziyi with his two daughters, including b.aby Apple, on her birthday in February 2021.

After Uong Phong shared a happy family photo on his personal page, Cat Hoi Tiep expressed his anger. "They use my daughter to polish family affection," she wrote.

It was not the first time that Cat Hoi Tiep was upset with the act of showing off family photos of Chuong Tu Di and Uong Phong on social networks. She said that her ex-lover took advantage of her stepdaughter to "polish" her name, deliberately building a happy family image and helping Zhang Ziyi prove the image of a responsible and loving stepmother. husband's.

In 2016, Cat Hoi Tiep once criticized Chuong Tu Di and Uong Phong as hypocrites. She emphasized: "Don't hug my daughter to o.ff your happiness. You two do this to prove a fulfilling life? People like you don't deserve happiness. Why bring my daughter as a front?" .

Former model Cat Hoi Tiep was also unhappy when the media published the news that Apple called Chuong Tu Di a mother. Although they are no longer living together or in contact, Cat Hoi Tiep and Uong Phong still occasionally "clash" on media or social networks.

As for Zhang Ziyi, she always affirms that she loves b.aby Apple more than her two biological children and always tries to care and compensate for her. Zhang Ziyi also held a birthday party for her stepdaughter when she turned 15 years old. She posted this series of photos on her personal page and wrote: "Our beautiful eldest daughter is 15 years old. Let's grow up happily and healthy like this, b.aby. Love you".

Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life? - Photo 4

Zhang Ziyi is always proud of her and Uong Phong's happy home.

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