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Tang Le: Trieu Lo Tu's mother, U50, is not married yet, her beauty overwhelms Trieu Le Dinh

Hoa Tuyết17:54:17 30/03/2024
Tang Le is more loved by the audience when he collaborates with Trieu Lo Tu and Trieu Le Dinh in popular film projects. After more than 2 decades of artistic activities, she still receives many compliments for her appearance.

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Pham Bang Bang publicly "disgusted" Zhang Ziyi: "I'm old but I like to play young roles"

Hương Duy15:03:33 25/03/2024
Fan Bingbing's teasing act was thought by netizens to be targeting his old enemy Zhang Ziyi. Currently, Pham Bang Bang's series of statements is causing a lot of controversy on Chinese social networks.

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Nguyen Minh Ha: Vietnamese Truong Tu Di, was once accused by relatives of lying and living "dirty" lives.

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:48:38 26/01/2024
Being as beautiful as Truong Tu Di is what people often say when talking about young actress and model Nguyen Minh Ha. Ha's beauty lies entirely in her eyes and sharp facial features, always classic and gentle.

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Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career

Phúc Sen16:49:40 11/01/2024
Dong Dai Vy is a male star who once had a love relationship with entertainment queen Pham Bang Bang. Shining bright thanks to the role of a lifetime with Trieu Vy in Mom, Tiger, Dad, Cat, leaving a strong impression.

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Duong Mich "exposed" her true beauty when sitting next to "senior" Truong Tu Di

Tiểu Trúc15:05:00 27/11/2023
As the top beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry, Duong Mich and Zhang Ziyi's rare shared frame moment attracted the attention of the online community. However, the beauty named Duong revealed her true beauty when sitting next to her seniors.

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Will Cbiz impose a heavy fine on Chi Pu for lip-syncing, selling the whole house without enough m.oney to compensate?

Keng17:37:48 14/11/2023
Chi Pu is caught up in controversy when he is said to be one of 41 artists suspected of lip-syncing at a music show of Hunan Television (China). The penalty imposed on the female singer, if imposed, will cause her to lose both reputation and m.oney.

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Zhang Jianyi pushed Qin Lin to fall, being uncomfortably convex when he was 'suspended' from the Lisa case

Ning Jing14:35:57 04/11/2023
Before his long term when Weibo was discolored due to the influence of going to see Lisa, Zhang Jiayi was recently exposed to a series of concave personalities unlike what people have seen causing a stir in CNET,

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Truong Tu Di - Uong Phong officially confirmed their divorce, the son lives with his mother, and the daughter lives with her father

An Nhi16:13:47 23/10/2023
No longer a rumor, Truong Tu Di and Uong Phong recently confirmed their divorce after 8 years of being together. This information quickly caused a stir on social networks and became a h.ot topic of discussion on all forums, large and small.

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Uong Phong - Cbiz's "scandal machine": Eating according to the reputation of Zhang Ziyi, love is shocking

Nắng16:34:25 20/04/2023
Wang Feng was born in 1971 in Beijing. He is an influential musician and singer in the Chinese contemporary rock scene. From a young age, the male artist has been fostered in a musical environment. In elementary school, Uong Phong was taught the violin by his family. At the age...

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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was "criticized" for "touching" big sister Zhang Ziyi, Jennie had a strange clip with Park Seo Joon released

Tiểu Yến Tử14:08:01 09/03/2023
The media compared the way the fashion house treated Zhang Ziyi, Liu Yuhan and Jisoo (BlackPink). The female Kpop idol arrived at the show venue by car arranged by the fashion house, and the brand's director personally came to welcome her.

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Luu Hao Cun: had his back, so he pretended to be, demanding to "share the tray" Tam Kim Anh Hau, lied, denied his homeland

Minh Lợi18:57:47 28/12/2022
Actress Luu Hao Cun is a new beauty supported by director Zhang Yimou. Recently, her reputation has been affected by many scandals even though she has only been in the profession for 2 years. Liu Hao Cun is considered the "Woman of the Wolf", the actress famous thanks to Zhang...

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Liu Yifei meets Zhang Ziyi at the Macao Film Festival: The beauty of the "billionaire fairy" is overshadowed

Nắng16:07:25 23/12/2022
Recently, the brilliant performance of Liu Yifei and Zhang Ziyi at the red carpet of the 2022 Macao Film Festival attracted much public attention. Zhang Ziyi is the leading flower in the Chinese entertainment industry, while Liu Yifei is known as a "billionaire fairy", a beauty...

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Ngo Diep Pham went to prison, Truong Triet Han followed the teacher and the students of the Four Great Hua Dans wanted to forget

Hoàng Phúc11:38:49 17/09/2022
For fans of Chinese cinema, you will probably at least once heard the name of the "Four Great Flowers" including: Zhang Ziyi, Trieu Vy, Tu Tinh Loi and Chau Tan. Having achieved a lot of success in the profession, however, when standing in the role of "teacher", all four actors...

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Zhang Ziyi once hugged and kissed the young master of Hong Kong on the street, banned by his boyfriend's family

Jennie16:34:34 09/08/2022
In the past, when faced with doubtful questions, Zhang Ziyi said: "Actually, their family wanted me to give up my career, from there, retire back to my family to work as a housewife and help my husband. teach my children. I refused, that's the end." Zhang Ziyi is one of the most...

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Trieu Le Dinh 'teamed up' the top female stars with high salaries, the 'champion' is a beauty full of scandal

Nắng12:30:17 22/06/2022
Recently, the Sohu site has announced the list of Top 5 actresses who receive extremely high salaries in acting, receiving advertising, selling... 5. Trieu Le Dinh: 10 million yuan (more than 34 billion VND) Talking about the temperature as well as the acting skills of Trieu Le...

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'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding'

Yang Mi08:57:00 17/06/2022
Once possessing the "unique" beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment industry as well as intelligence and high education, now the pure beauty of the g.irl "Dang Le Quan" Diep Tuyen is gone. When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this former TVB flower with winged...

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Pham Bang Bang lost his place to join the "Four Great Flowers" with Trieu Vy because of this powerful character

Hoàng Phúc15:28:00 16/06/2022
The same famous after coming out of Hoan Chau Cach Cach, beauty and acting are equal, but Pham Bang Bang did not have the opportunity to enter the Four Great Flowers like Trieu Vy. Many people think that it's all in Quynh Dao. The Chinese screen with the position of the Four...

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Trieu Le Dinh competes for the role with "little Zhang Ziyi"

Hoàng Anh10:09:04 14/06/2022
Recently, the beauty "200 billion views" Trieu Le Dinh is extremely productive. In addition to participating in the recording of Du Phuong Hanh with Lam Canh Tan, there is information that she is about to join a new film crew. Recently, on Weibo, a blogger reported that a film...

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China's Four Great Danes: Trieu Vy dropped the radio after 1 night, Tu Tinh Loi kept a low profile, Chau Tan was a young couple?

Hoàng Phúc14:19:06 24/05/2022
When Trieu Vy almost disappeared from the Chinese entertainment industry, the audience had the opportunity to look back on the achievements as well as the current lives of other great flowers such as Chau Tan, Zhang Ziyi, and Tu Tinh Loi. Chau Tan Zhou Xun was born in 1974, in...

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Zhang Ziyi, Ni Ni and the Chinese stars let the assistants kneel to serve and serve

Hou00e0ng Anh14:08:56 16/05/2022
Despite being applauded by thousands and tens of thousands of people, the casual act of letting assistants serve as kings and queens still makes these stars receive many bricks and stones. A lot of controversy revolves around whether stars should let assistants and employees...

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Cat Hoi Tiep - Who is the model who criticizes Zhang Ziyi for being fake, claiming to hate Uong Phong all his life?

Hoàng Phúc14:26:04 05/05/2022
After many years of division, the relationship between Cat Hoi Tiep and Uong Phong is still tense. The strong female model declares that she will never reconcile conflicts with husband and wife Zhang Ziyi - Uong Phong. On May 4, Sina reported that model Cat Hoi Tiep livestream...

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Heat Ba deliberately caused controversy, Trieu Lo Tu bought hotsearch but it backfired and all kinds of PR in Cbiz

Hoàng Phúc15:50:01 04/05/2022
Marketing is a very normal thing for celebrities, but excessive "promotion" makes netizens bored. Trieu Kim Mai is controversial just because of "waist circumference" Since debut, Trieu Kim Mach has had a large number of fans with the image of "next door sister". The female lead...

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Zhang Ziyi - Uong Phong: Cbiz's model family became "victims" of false rumors

Hoàng Phúc07:46:31 26/04/2022
False rumors cling to Zhang Ziyi's marriage. Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong have been married since 2015 and have two children together, including a son and a daughter. For many years, they are said to be one of the happiest couples in the Chinese entertainment industry. The couple...

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Dong Khiet is emaciated and lifeless at the age of 42, losing his old female visual?

An Nhi16:06:44 20/04/2022
The latest image of actress Dong Khiet is becoming a controversial topic on social networks. The hottest image on Chinese social media yesterday evening (April 19) was the videos Dong Khiet shared on Weibo to celebrate his 42nd birthday. The actress became the center of all...

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