Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce

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According to media reports, the company of Zhang Ziyi and his husband Uong Phong is dealing with a crisis when facing an immediate loss of more than 3 million yuan (more than 10 billion dong).

Specifically, due to a contract problem, Zhang Ziyi's own company, which specializes in products for mothers and babies, had problems. Currently, the company's main account authentication on Weibo has expired and can't be connected to the online store, which has resulted in a halt in sales.

Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce - Photo 1

Meanwhile, Uong Phong's technology equipment company also encountered a financial dispute. There is information that Uong Phong is the co-founder and director of the company, also the largest shareholder of this company. He holds about 22.52% of the shares and often advertises products on social platforms.

In addition, the Chinese media was also agitated by the fact that the actress and her husband had withdrawn capital from the film and culture company they jointly invested in. Not long after, the company was sentenced to a fine of up to 5 million yuan (nearly 18 billion dong). Many skeptics both knew in advance that the company was in trouble, so they rushed to withdraw capital. According to some sources, Zhang Ziyi used to be the legal entity of five Chinese film and television culture companies. Two of them had their contracts canceled in 2019. Uong Phong used to be the legal representative of 6 companies and two of them had their contracts canceled.

In mid-December, the social network spread the news that "Zhang Tu Di and his wife broke up their marriage" on the top of the noticed events on social networks. Singer Hoang An wrote on his personal page that he knew this news through a reporter in Hong Kong and attached the caption: "Is this the noise to close 2021?" The same link to the article reporting the star couple's divorce. This information quickly caught the attention of netizens. Immediately after rumors of a breakup, Zhang Ziyi shared on his personal page denying the divorce: "Fake news! Phong, who should sue tomorrow morning?". This move caused Hoang An to immediately publicly apologize.

Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce - Photo 2

For many years now, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong have been known as the happiest couple in Cbiz. Before coming to Dai Hoa Dan, Uong Phong had 3 wives and 2 stepdaughters. The relationship between Zhang Ziyi and Uong Man Hy (Uong Phong's stepson) is considered rare in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Uong Man Hy, born in 2005, is the stepdaughter of male artist Uong Phong and model Cat Hoi Tiep. After the male star of the surname Uong married the star of the movie Ten Faces ambush, Man Hy lived with this famous couple.

Since living in the same house, the actress has always treated her husband's children well and the two are extremely close and attached. Even when giving birth to two other children for her husband, Zhang Ziyi still considers Man Hy as her own b.lood. The family of 5 often travels together or gathers on special occasions and shows off happy moments on the personal page. Uong Man Hy has long called 7X star his mother. On the occasion of the beautiful Chuong's birthday at the beginning of this year, the l.ittle g.irl and her sister played a song to congratulate their mother's new age.

Not only caring, On.cc revealed that Zhang Ziyi is very interested in her daughter's passions and hobbies. The movie star Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is also a supporter of the g.irl pursuing a musical path when she realizes that she inherited her father's artistic talent. Uong Phong's daughter released her debut single "Drowning" and was praised for her mellow, gentle voice. It is known that the actress surnamed Chuong helped Man Hy in releasing the first music product in her career.

Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce - Photo 3

Chinese-language media said that with her inherent talent and support from famous parents, Uong Man Hy will soon become a promising star in the Chinese music industry. Even the 16-year-old vocalist is compared to Dau Tinh Dong (Vuong Phi's daughter) - a name that has had a successful start when following in the footsteps of her mother to become a singer and is mainly known for her songs. sing in English.

Although Manxi's parents are both celebrities, her debut as a singer didn't really get attention. Neither Uong Phong nor Zhang Ziyi shared any information about their daughter's new song on social networks. This made the public think that maybe she just saw this as a walk, not oriented on a long-term singing path. As for Cat Hoi Tiep, she praised her daughter's singing talent through posts on her personal page. The female model used to have a hostile attitude, many times attacking Zhang Ziyi after this star married Uong Phong, but it seems that she is less harsh now. However, a little while ago, Cat Hoi Tiep expressed his displeasure because Man Hy was closer to Zhang Ziyi than himself. The 34-year-old long leg also criticized the ex-lover for using her daughter to attract attention from the public.

Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce - Photo 4

Zhang Ziyi and his wife met "bad luck" close to Tet after rumors that they were in the process of getting a divorce - Photo 5

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