Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat

Châu AnhApr 12, 2024 at 17:04

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Cao Ba Hung was once a h.ot name in the program Sing my song 2016 with his talent and impressive voice. In addition, this guy also surprised everyone when he revealed that he was the 7th generation descendant of poet Cao Ba Quat.

Cao Ba Hung (born 1998) is a singer and musician living in Hanoi in a family with an artistic tradition. Hung's father is a guitar instructor. Currently lives and works mainly in Ho Chi Minh City. Hung has been studying piano since he was 8 years old. He can play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, pipa, pliers, bass guitar, play the zither, quartet, stone instrument, and drums. ethnic and other ethnic musical instruments...

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 1

From a young age, Ba Hung took the entrance exam to the Creative Arts class of the Lotus Traditional Music and Dance Theater and he studied abroad in China. Returning to Vietnam, Hung continued to study at high school to be equipped with more knowledge and plans for him to study another major. Ba Hung graduated with a major in traditional music from the college system at the Guangxi Academy of Arts (China) in 2014.

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 2

Ba Hung was known to the audience when he participated in Vietnam's Got Talent in 2014 with the group "4 Sisters". Besides his singing career, he has also collaborated with other artists in the role of composing and arranging... (Ba Hung arranged the music video "What a surprise" by Truc Nhan; "Babie" by Dinh Huong...).

Cao Ba Hung once participated in the show "Mysterious Person". The moment Cao Ba Hung performed on the pipa the song "Thap-faced Ambush" made MC Tran Thanh say "Goosebumps". Right in the program, guest - singer Thanh Thao expressed her desire to invite Cao Ba Hung to participate in her live show. However, around that time Cao Ba Hung went to Russia to perform under the Vietnam-Russia cultural exchange program.

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 3

With his talent in singing and mixing music, he decided to follow this path. In 2016, Cao Ba Hung attracted attention when participating in the show Sing My Song - Best Song. The young singer left a strong impression with the song Tuong Tuong in episode 5 of the show.

Not only is it new in melody, Ba Hung's Thoughts also left a special echo in the audience's hearts when he cleverly combined literary elements into the meaningful lyrics of the song, which, according to Hung, he wanted. brings Vietnamese literature closer to today's modern young audience.

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 4

The strange melody and meaningful and profound lyrics completely conquered the 4 coaches from the first sentences, and with their harmony - Ba Hung chose to join coach Duc Tri's team. However, he and most of the audience liked the coach's comments for Ba Hung:

"For an 18 year old to be able to do something like this is a very wonderful thing. I think that human music sometimes doesn't need a turban, but the ethnic character is still revealed in you. You are the precious asset of this year's program. It's very rare to have performances that make all of us feel happy. What's special is that you're still young, exploring and shaping, and in my opinion, this is your path, to voice your generation. In particular, the Cao Ba family in terms of literature and literature must be said to be 'monster masterpieces'".

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 5

In an interview, Cao Ba Hung said that in 2012, while he was an international student at Guangxi Academy of Arts (Nanning City, China), he secretly loved a g.irl who was 2 years older than him. . The 14-year-old b.oy at that time longed to hold a pen and write down the melodies that danced in his heart. And that's how Hung's first song was born. However, after mustering up the courage to perform this song in front of the whole school, he was rejected by her.

But instead of being sad, he realized he had an affinity for writing. From there, the next songs were written from his own heart feelings. Most of Hung's composed songs are about love. Those were the first stirrings of life, pure, full of shyness, shyness but also very deep.

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 6

According to Cao Ba Hung's sharing, he is exactly the 7th generation grandson of Cao Ba Quat. He inherited his great-grandfather's literary style and was quite proficient in using folk tools. In particular, Cao Ba Hung's talent for writing poetry was definitely inherited from his great-grandfather.

Specifically, Hung said he is the son of Mr. Cao Ba Phuong, the grandson of Mr. Cao Ba Nghiep (Vietnamese Historian). Mr. Cao Ba Nghiep currently lives in Saigon. He also confirmed that he is Cao Ba Hung's grandfather.

Cao Ba Nghiep's father was the writer Thao Thao (Cao Ba Thao), Cao Ba Thao's father was Cao Ba Thuy, Thuy's father was Cao Huy Luc and Luc was Cao Ba Quat's second son. . Thus, counting Cao Ba Hung, he is truly a descendant of 7 generations: Ba Quat - Huy Luc - Ba Thuy - Ba Thao - Ba Nghiep - Ba Phuong - Ba Hung.

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 7

After w.inning the Singapore Champion a.ward, he devoted all his time to studying. By 2018, when he completed his high school program, Cao Ba Hung did not spend any time studying. He only focuses on his musical path to develop himself, bringing the audience the highest quality music products.

Participating in many music programs and projects, but for Hung, family is the biggest support. He confided: "For every new composition or product, I ask my grandparents and parents for their opinions. When my family is satisfied, I know I have done well and my songs are still considered good. passed the censorship round. My family is like difficult and strict judges, helping me practice a lot."

Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat - Photo 8

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