Big Ocean: K-Pop's first deaf group officially debuted

Mi LanApr 24, 2024 at 16:47

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Big Ocean, a 3-member deaf group, officially debuted on April 20, bringing a new breeze to the Kpop music industry. In particular, released on the same day as Korean People with Disabilities.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 1

Big Ocean, which has the meaning of the stability of the vast ocean and is full of hope, is the first Korean K-pop idol group formed by Parastar Entertainment, a pioneering entertainment company in cultivating Creating disabled talents in Korea. Big Ocean consists of 3 members: Kim Ji Seok, Park Hyun Jin and Lee Chang Yeon. Each member has their own hearing journey: Kim Ji Seok was born with hearing loss, Park Hyun Jin lost part of his hearing at age 3, and Lee Chang Yeon completely lost his hearing at age 11.

However, hearing difficulties do not stop their burning passion for music. Big Ocean has constantly practiced, honed his skills and overcome all barriers to pursue his musical dream.

They decided to launch to eliminate misunderstandings and prejudices against people with disabilities. Even though they received questions like "What do you do if you can't hear them as an idol?", they overcame those obstacles and presented a challenge towards the idol world of a new genre.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 2

On April 16, reporters had a meeting with Big Ocean at PARASTAR Entertainment's practice room, Gangnam-gu district (Seoul), and listened to the group's frank sharing about the preparation process. released to the public for the first time. Although he is deaf, thanks to assistive devices and lip reading, he does not have many difficulties in communication.

Recently, Big Ocean's debut took place extremely impressively on MBC's weekly music program "Show! Music Core" with the song "Hope", which was a huge hit in 1998 for the group. H.OT male The special point is that the 3 members performed "Hope" with completely new choreography, combining Korean, American and international sign languages, bringing a unique and emotional performance.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 3

Big Ocean's debut not only marks a turning point in the three members' careers but is also a testament to the power of music, erasing all barriers and conveying a meaningful message of courage and determination. extraordinary.

There is a special thing, the original dream of all 3 Big Ocean members was not to become idols. Kim Ji Seok is a former alpine skier, Park Hyunjin works as a YouTuber, and Lee Chanyeon is an audiologist working at Korea University Anam Hospital. What brings them together is the world's attitude towards people with disabilities.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 4

Because of the common experiences of discrimination and prejudice they encountered, the Big Ocean members decided to debut as idols. They hope to use their music and influence to eliminate misunderstandings and prejudices surrounding hearing loss, while also inspiring the deaf community to confidently pursue their dreams.

The 3 pieces of Big Ocean have been assembled since January 2023. Although all three of them had great determination when stepping on the idol path, this path is certainly not easy to walk.

As deaf people, they face more challenges than other idols. Because of different hearing levels, matching timing, rhythm, sounds, and dance movements is the biggest obstacle.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 5

Member Park Hyunjin shared: "At first, it was difficult to coordinate because the speed at which each person felt the rhythm was different. However, thanks to the vibrating wristwatch provided by the company, I could easily easily detect the rhythm".

Singing is also a big challenge. Because they don't know how their voice sounds to others, they have difficulty distinguishing between high and low tones. The arduous training process takes place like a panorama before your eyes.

"Through practice, I have memorized the notes that need to be performed according to the movements of my abdominal muscles and now I can easily distinguish between Do Re Mi Pha Sol La Si Do," Hyunjin shared about the secret to being able to sing. Okay.

Despite the difficulties, Big Ocean has continuously strived and improved day by day. They have proven to the world that anything is possible if you have enough courage, determination and determination.

With talent, hard work and a meaningful message, Big Ocean promises to become an inspirational music group and bring positive values to the community.

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 6

Besides, Big Ocean is the first deaf group to debut in Korea, marking a new milestone in the Kpop music industry. Their appearance contributes to raising awareness of the deaf community, promoting integration and equality in society.

Big Ocean hopes to participate in many diverse programs such as music shows, dramas, movies, or reality shows. "I hope that this release will help raise awareness about people with disabilities. I want to tell all my juniors, whether they have disabilities or not, don't give up on their dreams."

Big Ocean: K-Pops first deaf group officially debuted - Photo 7

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