Min Hee Jin was "exposed" by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of "sinister"

Quỳnh NhưApr 23, 2024 at 08:28

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Amid the ongoing dispute between HYBE and Min Hee Jin, posts related to the mother of NewJeans and ADOR on Blind, a job community that authenticates members' identities through company emails in Korea, are being dug up.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 1

On the afternoon of April 22, Korean media reported that HYBE opened an investigation related to the executive board of ADOR - the management company of NewJeans. Information exploded across the "front" making people restless.

Accordingly, HYBE requested an audit into the investigation of senior ADOR personnel on suspicion of conspiracy to steal management rights. The first two names mentioned are CEO Min Hee Jin and VP L.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 2

Old posts on Blind about Min Hee Jin were suddenly dug up and became a h.ot topic on instiz.

Specifically, previous posts "asking for a review" about Min Hee Jin had comments filled with mixed opinions. In it, there is a post praising Min Hee Jin, saying that it is good to work under a female CEO because she has a clean personal life, but some HYBE employees objected under the post commenting: "She She's the typical office villain... It's so c.razy. ADOR staff and the people from HYBE are so excited for her." Another employee added: "The worst villain in the company."

However, in another post wondering whether Min Hee Jin is a talented person or not, the comment section was filled with laughter: "There are many cases of working with celebrities in the industry only to find out if they are not." like the image presented to the public."

Under another post excerpting an interview with Min Hee Jin "denying HYBE's efforts", an SM employee commented "Still the same attitude as when working at SM". HYBE staff answered the question "What kind of person is Min Hee Jin?". Another employee said that "He is a person with a sinister mind."

Most of these reviews originate from 2022 and 2023, when Min Hee Jin moved from SM to HYBE.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 3

Not stopping there, some information says that all training m.oney for the Newjeans project from 2019 to October 2021 is Source Music's m.oney. This is the reason why Source Music's profits have been heavily negative for 3 consecutive years.

Newjeans' predecessor was Plus Global Audition, Big Hit's first g.irl group project to collaborate with Source Music after coming together, with the project's muse being Minji, a previous trainee of Source Music. Initially the project was set to launch a new g.irl group under CEO So Sung Jin's Source Music, with investment from Big Hit and creative director Min Hee Jin.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 4

But for unknown reasons, Min Hee Jin convinced HYBE to allow the entire Newjeans project to leave to establish his own label, cutting off So Sung Jin's upper hand. At this time, HYBE just started investing to establish a new label and for Newjeans' debut, causing Source Music to completely l.ose m.oney after investing in this project for 3 years without getting any m.oney back.

This is also the reason why HYBE had to lend Source Music 7.5 billion won to quickly establish a new g.irl group project, which later became LE SSERAFIM.

New Jeans signed a contract with HYBE, not with Min Hee Jin. Whether Min Hee Jin leaves HYBE or not, ADOR and New Jeans are still under HYBE as before. Unless the girls and their families decide to sue the parent company together to follow Min Hee Jin.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 5

Min Hee Jin's "witch hand" is an extremely important contribution, playing a core role in the success of NewJeans. Min Hee Jin's image, good or bad, also indirectly affects the girls.

Therefore, fans are very worried about the group's future in case the conflict between Min Hee Jin and HYBE is not completely resolved.

Min Hee Jin was exposed by HYBE staff, SM got involved, accused of sinister - Photo 6

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