V - Jennie "volunteered" to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs?

Đình NhưMar 30, 2024 at 16:23

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Two weeks since the noisy threesome broke out between Han So Hee - Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri, on the morning of March 29, beauty My Name once again caused a stir in the media with a long letter rekindling old stories.

The actress wrote: "They (Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Hyeri) who broke up last year, said their final goodbyes in wishing each other happiness and health. I write this sentence with no intention of r.evealing history. personal love. But I'm not the one in charge of the breakup announcement written in your apology."

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 1

The actress also expressed disappointment that her boyfriend has been completely silent since the love triangle scandal broke out, leaving her to face public criticism.

"I write these things down because I don't want to keep saying one-sided things, unless I'm an idiot. I don't want my fans and supporters, as well as my company's executives and employees, to be affected. enjoy", Han So Hee shared.

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 2

Han So Hee's letter was posted on social media exactly 10 minutes later and then deleted. Han So Hee's move made people frustrated because everything was gradually calming down, but she herself stirred up controversy.

Within half a month, Han So Hee became the focus of the media, Korean showbiz in general and the idol world in particular were equally bustling. But absolutely, there is no more noise than the love drama of Han So Hee - Ryu Jun Yeol. Therefore, every time there is news about a celebrity dating, people joke "yet another person joined the team to rescue Han So Hee".

V - Jennie took attendance first

In December 2023, Korean media reported that V and Jennie had "went their separate ways". But recently, after V released the single FRI(END)S, many fans discovered the similarities between the male idol and Jennie. The two revealed many hints that reminded them of each other, raising speculation that V - Jennie was still in contact. On March 18, in the midst of Han So Hee's drama, V made a notable move when he changed his Instagram profile photo to match the one Jennie had set for 5 years.

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 3

V's move further stirred up the relationship between him and his rumored girlfriend. But because it happened while people were busy "waiting" for Han So Hee's noise, this incident "sunk" more or less.

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 4

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 5

Jihyo (TWICE) is also dating

Han So Hee's love triangle drama temporarily calmed down when Dispatch spoke up and the two companies reconciled public opinion. On the night of March 24, Jihyo (TWICE) was the next name exposed by Korean media as dating former athlete Yun Sung Bin. The identity of the second boyfriend of the leader of the national g.irl group makes people curious. The fact that Jihyo once again revealed her love life also raised some mixed opinions in the fan community.

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 6

However, most fans still respect the artist's privacy. TWICE has been active for the 10th year and has a solid position, Jihyo's dating story has not been "scrutinized" too much.

G-Dragon "even if he lies down, he'll get shot"

Among a series of idols r.evealing dating hints, G-Dragon alone was "called out" for the reason why he was falling from the sky. Specifically, G-Dragon's painting "Youth is Flower" was put on the auction floor for an incredibly high price of 30 million won (approximately half a billion VND), causing debate in the art world. On the afternoon of March 29, Galaxy Corp. - BIGBANG leader's management company has officially spoken out about this issue.

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 7

Accordingly, the company announced that the auction of the painting had been canceled and that G-Dragon did not know who sent the painting: "We have confirmed with the artist and learned that he did not send the work to auction. . He has absolutely no idea who sent the work and under what circumstances." Social networks were abuzz with the update from "Mr. Long".

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 8

Among them, the easiest to see is the comment mentioning Han So Hee. People joked that the management company was powerless to deal with the actress' scandal, so they let BIGBANG's leader play the role of "rescuing" her. However, the above incident only caused a few waves, Han So Hee's "tsunami" of love has now left everyone helpless!

V - Jennie volunteered to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs? - Photo 9

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