The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents

Thiên DiMay 31, 2024 at 16:18

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In Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, a story has been circulating for several years about a b.oy claiming to be a c.hild who passed away more than 10 years ago. Many of the stories the b.oy could tell about his parents in the past surprised everyone.

Mr. Tan and Ms. Thuan are both officials working in Vu Ban town. They got married in 1987 and in 1992, Thuan gave birth to a grandson named Nguyen Phu Quyet Tien. Tien is healthy and plump and grows up with indescribable joy. Disaster struck while playing at the river. Tien unfortunately had an accident. He was 5 years old at the time and was a student at Hoa Hong Kindergarten in Vu Ban town. After that sad incident, Ms. Thuan could no longer give birth.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 1

In 2002, in Coi hamlet, near the town, Ms. Bui Thi Du gave birth to a beautiful b.aby boy, named Bui Lac Binh. Everything was normal until when he was 3 years old, little Binh insisted that he was Tien and lived in Vu Ban town. The b.oy even f.orced his mother to take him to town and pointed to house number 25, the house of Tan and Thuan.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 2

With the guidance of teacher Dong, a preschool teacher in Coi village, Tan and Thuan went to Binh's house. Very surprised, Binh seemed to have known Tan and Thuan for a long time. With the consent of Binh's parents, they took Binh to visit their home.

On the way home, to test the b.oy, Mr. Tan stopped the car in front of a high-rise building and told him, that's my house, you should go in. Binh immediately said, this is not the house, the house is down there. Going through many streets in town, Mr. Tan did not take the main road because he wanted to test the b.oy. Surprisingly, Binh kept pointing clearly until Mr. Tan's house.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 3

As soon as he opened the door, Binh immediately got out of the car and ran inside and opened the closet to dig through his belongings. Ms. Du, who was accompanying her, wanted to stop her because she was afraid that Mr. Tan and his wife would judge their c.hild as lacking education, but Mr. Tan stopped her. Let Binh search. Mr. Tan asked, what are you looking for? "Find the plane and the crane." Hearing what Binh said, Mr. Tan was startled because these were two toys he had previously bought for Tien. When he passed away, I took it away and threw it away. "I put it away so I can find it for you later," he told Binh.

After dinner, Binh refused to go home and climbed into Tien's bed the day before. I lay down to sleep on my stomach, Binh's posture was exactly like Tien's in the past. Little Binh was constantly tested by adults to see if he was really Tien or not. Strangely enough, a 3-year-old c.hild could not make up stories that he did not know. Many of the stories Binh told about Mr. Tan and Ms. Thuan later surprised both families and many researchers.

When asked how he got back to Hoan's father's house - Du's mother's house, Binh said that because "people" left him on a high hill (Nguyen Phu Quyet Tien's grave is on a hill), "he had nothing to eat". I was so hungry I had to find my own way home. But when I got to the intersection of Mr. Lai's house, there was a "big shadow" (a term locals often use to refer to unjust souls without owners) there blocking the way so I couldn't go home. I was so scared that I ran and stumbled into a ditch near the large yard. I just heard my dad was passing by so I followed him home.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 4

That same night, Mr. Tan pretended to call out Tien, immediately stayed in Binh Da's house and asked again what Dad called you. Pointing at Ms. Thuan, she asked if this was her mother and daughter. She also answered yes. After bringing Binh back to Coi hamlet, Mr. Tan always remembered Binh. Three days later, Mr. Tan went to Coi hamlet to visit his nephew again. As soon as he saw Mr. Tan, Binh jumped into his arms like he had been friends for a long time. Even though my parents and grandmother were still sitting next to me.

Binh kept asking to go back to Tan and Thuan's house to the point that his father and mother were seriously ill and had to agree to let Binh stay at their house. Since returning to "my home", Binh has been playing happily and has no more illnesses. From the day he returned to live with Tan's father, Thuan's mother, Binh also changed his name to Tien and took on the family name Nguyen Phu Quyet Tien and became the common children of the two families. Mr. Tan does not want things to become complicated and embellished. However, everyone in the region knows the story of this b.oy Binh - Tien.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 5

There have been many "reincarnation" cases similar to the case of the b.oy Binh - Tien occurring around the world, causing headaches for researchers. There are currently up to 2,500 eyewitness files stored at the University of Virginia carefully recorded about these reincarnation cases.

At first, scientists thought that the people involved might have lied and imagined strange stories. But this hypothesis was rejected because they had no motive to do so. Furthermore, there is little connection between the relatives of the deceased and the newly reincarnated. Although there is a lot of evidence proving this phenomenon, the real solution to these cases is still an open question.

The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents - Photo 6

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