"Rumoured boyfriend" Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince

Phương ThảoApr 13, 2024 at 09:04

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Recently, photos of Vien Mong - Fubao's potential boyfriend have been widely spread on forums. Because the poster intentionally chose "coal digging" photos of Vien Mong, this topic immediately caused controversy.

Many comments under the post criticized Vien Mong's appearance as not being worthy of Fubao. Besides, there were also people who spoke up to defend the bear and expressed their confusion at this criticism.

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 1

Some comments from Knet:

- I thought they deliberately chose ugly photos, but actually this guy has been ugly since he was a kid.

- He looks like an uncle. I feel like we sent Princess Fu to marry an old man.

- This little guy is smaller than Fubao and is very loved in France. The b.aby is nicknamed "The Little Prince". The French love him like Koreans love Fubao. So don't say bad things about your b.aby. Personally, I find the b.aby very adorable. Fubao is pretty and that kid is very handsome.

- It's like pairing a princess with a beggar.

- Wow, now even animals' faces are criticized? People are truly c.razy.

- Hey, just think about it if in France people also didn't like Fubao and criticized her like the way you guys are doing. Vien Mong is also a precious prince of France, Fubao is not the only one who is precious. Is our country so focused on appearance that we disparage an animal just because we don't like its appearance?

- If you guys are c.razy criticizing a panda here, if you have such sincerity, go build a house next to Fubao's cage and live there. This is the decision of zookeepers and experts who know more about pandas than many people. Don't bother crying anymore. What an amazing sight.

- At first I thought this was a joke. I think the French will feel offended by these comments. Now that people in other countries talk about Fubao like that, wouldn't we be extremely angry?

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 2

International netizens were extremely angry when reading the "superior" comments of Korean netizens. Many people were shocked by this post:

- So Korea's strict beauty standards are extended to animals? Is this a joke?

- The poor little prince will surely be stunned by Korean netizens' comments about his appearance. I hope Fubao will ignore the bad words, what should the panda couple do?

- Just take it for a bath.

- The country is c.razy about looks, I can't believe this is true.

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 3

It is known that Vien Mong is the first panda born at Beauval Zoo (France) on August 4, 2017 to parents Yuanzai and Huanhuan. On December 4 of the same year, President Xi Jinping's wife, Mrs. Peng Liyuan, and French First Lady Brigitte Macron jointly named this panda with the thought of "fulfilling dreams". This is not only a good wish for the bears but also carries expectations for the China-France friendship.

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 4

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 5

In particular, Vien Mong is loved by many people and is called by the nickname "little prince". Mrs. Brigitte Macron also became the "godmother" of this special panda. She shared: "I will always remember the night he was born. Rodolfo Delors (Beauval Zoo director) called me every 5 minutes... It was a big day."

However, regarding the issue of Fubao possibly "dating", recently Tang Wen - a caretaker working at the China Panda Conservation and Research Center said: "It's still too early now. . Fubao is not yet 4 years old and is still young. Although he can live independently from his mother, Fubao is not yet fully mature, so he currently has no specific m.ating plan."

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 6

However, Vien Mong is still sought after as the "rumored boyfriend" of the "tycoon princess" Fubao. Except for the negative comments about "guys", Fubao and this guy are supported by the majority of people and are considered the "standard" couple to become a family.

Rumoured boyfriend Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince - Photo 7

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