Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received "criticism" for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues

Tuyết NgọcJan 18, 2024 at 14:37

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After Weibo Festival 2023, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu were suddenly fiercely criticized by netizens for the movie poster from many years ago. Many people believe that the "center-hungry" star couple overwhelms their colleagues.

Besides Duong Tu, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu are the two female artists with the most outstanding careers in 2023. With their current position in the entertainment world, both can easily receive the best films, receiving many benefits. special. However, recently, netizens discovered that since they first started their careers, these two female artists have had extremely unlucky performances stealing the spotlight from their co-stars.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 1

It is known that about 7 years ago, the beauties of the Bach family and Trieu starred together in the movie "Phoenix Prisoner". The story would not be worth mentioning if the two little flowers did not occupy an almost central position on the film's poster, pushing female lead Guan Xiaotong into the background.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 2

Many opinions said that at that time, the actor surnamed Quan had experience in the profession and held great resources, so in terms of strength or awards, he was far superior to Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu. Not to mention, Loc Ham's girlfriend is also an actress who has been loved by the audience since she was a c.hild, a high-ranking national.

She won the Best Actress a.ward at the 7th Macao International Drama Festival - Golden Lotus A.ward, the Best Supporting Actress a.ward at Bach Ngoc Lan in 2017. Yet, she was defeated by two female supporting roles. Right on the movie poster, I'm the female lead.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 3

Looking back at the "Phuong Tu Hoang" poster, we can see that the entertainment industry at that time did not care about changing positions, even the way the actors were arranged in promotional photos was not elaborate. Some people expressed their opinion that if movies shown in 2023 and 2024 had posters like that, they would be severely criticized by netizens.

However, another commenter affirmed that Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu were fully supported because of their close relationship with the producer. Accordingly, the beauty named Bach is Vu Chinh's "favorite chicken", while the female lead Than An is on the film's list of sponsors.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 4

Coming out of "Phuong Tu Hoang", both Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have had certain achievements, becoming the most sought-after names in the Chinese entertainment industry. Because they are loved by many people, the couple's private life also receives more attention.

As for the beauty named Bach, she is said to be secretly dating her junior Truong Lang Hach, after the two worked together in the movie "Ninh An Nhu Mong". Although they have never confirmed their relationship, the couple has been seen many times having private meetings.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 5

When the movie they both starred in aired, the audience became more confident that this information was true, because Truong Lang Hach repeatedly showed special care and concern just for Bach Loc.

The pair have many tacit understandings, always looking at each other with affectionate eyes and understanding each other's interests. Netizens even observantly discovered that the little flower born in 1994 standing next to her "rumored boyfriend" is always a shy and gentle g.irl, completely different from her humorous and carefree image in entertainment shows.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 6

However, not long ago there was news that Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach broke up after "Ninh An Nhu Mong" ended. Both are on the rise and busy with tight filming schedules, not having much time for love.

At the Weibo Night event in early January, Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach were seen not sitting together, making fans supporting both of them heartbroken.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 7

However, through short fancams, it can be seen that the beauty named Bach is always attentively watching her "rumored boyfriend" every time he passes her. On the other hand, netizens discovered that Truong Lang Hach continuously looked towards her at the event, the eyes of people in love cannot be hidden.

Before these images, the fans "pushing the boat" for the two actors had more hope in their love and blessed the couple to have a "happy ending" in the near future.

Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received criticism for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues - Photo 8

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