Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi

Nguyễn TuyếtDec 06, 2023 at 15:38

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Borrowing the verse of the famous author, Bai Loc accidentally became the center of controversy in the past hours. She was even "stoned" by a section of netizens for allegedly making arrogant statements.
The IQIYI screaming festival took place, attracting the "landing" of a series of famous Cbiz stars such as Bai Loc, Zhang Ling Hach, Bai Jingting,... This is an event organized by iQIYI to honor the outstanding achievements of the Chinese language world every year.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 1

Every action, word, gesture of the famous names present at the festival is not immune from the scrutiny of netizens. At the event, Bach Loc won the "Screaming Actress" a.ward (also known as the Screaming Goddess) after the success of "Ninh An Like a Dream".

In her speech when being honored, the actress surnamed Bach expressed her gratitude to the crew and thanked her fans. "I am extremely grateful for this honor and thank the crew of Ninh An Nhu Dream, the last time I stood on the stage of the Screaming Festival was in 2019. The future is long, let's try together, light boats overcome all the young insects!" she said.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 2

There would be no debate if Bai Lu did not use the famous verse "The light boat overcomes all the young insects" from Li Bai's Ha Jiangling, expressing that he had to overcome many difficulties to be successful today.

Many people or even cult stars have borrowed this verse to show how each person achieves success, strives to overcome all adversity. But when Xiao Hua was born in 1994, it was criticized by the people.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 3

Because they thought it was true that Bai Loc "overcame all the immature coincidences" when she debuted with a supporting role in "Phoenix Prisoner", subsequent films were all female leads and became, resident members of Keep Running,... Is this still arduous?

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 4

Not to mention, after only 3 years of debut, "Chau Sinh Nhu Gu" has made her become the most sought-after female star in Cbiz and is also ranked among the rising 90s.

With outstanding achievements in a short time, CNET said that Bach Loc's career is "an upward path", without too many difficulties. At the same time, her erratic acting is also a subject of controversy. If "Chau Sinh Like Great" is a rounded 10 with impressive scenes, then "Of course Ai Vi Doanh" is below average with excessive expression, to "Ninh An Like Dream" is more stable, but not too groundbreaking.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 5

Worth mentioning, for fans of the actress surnamed Bai, the way she uses the famous verse above is nothing wrong. Since the speech at the festival came from a verse in the song that Loc Nhung dedicated to the actress on the occasion of her birthday, she used the same verse to thank her fans in return.

In addition, they also explained that although Bach Loc is often the focus of harsh criticism regardless of the topics of movies, acting or attitudes, she always works hard, acts, and participates in the program to achieve today's results.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 6

A part of netizens also agreed with the opinion of the heroine fan Ninh An Nhu Dream, and expressed the opinion that Xiao Hua had to make great efforts to change her image continuously, trying many types of roles to be as famous as she is now. The above quote is simply used to thank her fans, or to remind herself to strive harder.

Notably, not long after, the entertainment blogger spotted in Yangtze's interview for the magazine also mentioned this quote: Fans use "light boats to overcome young coins" to describe her leaving controversy behind her and going her own way.

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 7

In the face of praise, the heroine herself did not want to promote her too much: "I want to do my job well, it's really as simple as that."

Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi - Photo 8

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