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Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap

Thảo Mai14:49:36 30/05/2024
Competition in the entertainment industry is fierce, especially among female stars. Below are all beautiful beauties on screen, but when they take off the makeup, they are truly surprising.

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Chinese artists were shunned and shunned at Cannes just because they worried about posing for too long

Phi Đức15:36:39 16/05/2024
This year's Cannes red carpet featured many famous artists from billions of people. However, there is still no name that really stands out when attending this Opening Ceremony. However, there was no controversy when Chinese artists received a cold attitude from the organizers.

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"Doll" Anya Taylor-Joy dominated the Cannes Film Festival, overwhelming Duong Yen and Guan Xiaotong

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:39:44 16/05/2024
The 77th Cannes Film Festival officially took place with the participation of the most powerful stars from Europe to Asia. On the second day of the event, the appearance of American doll Anya Taylor-Joy completely took the spotlight.

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Truong Tuyet Nghenh: One of the Four Little Flowers of 2019, Huo Kien Hoa's harm was criticized

Phi Yến18:58:33 24/04/2024
Truong Tuyet Nghenh is known as the new goddess of the Chinese screen. Her pure and lovely beauty is expected by many audiences to become a bright face of the film industry.

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Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received "criticism" for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues

Tuyết Ngọc14:37:43 18/01/2024
After Weibo Festival 2023, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu were suddenly fiercely criticized by netizens for the movie poster from many years ago. Many people believe that the pair of stars aspire to be the center to overwhelm their colleagues.

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Guan Xiao Dong and Loc Ham are rumored to be 'going their separate ways', officially canceling the wedding, and have been separated for 3 months?

Gia Nhi15:28:41 18/12/2023
Cbiz couple Quan Hieu Dong and Loc Ham are causing a stir in the Chinese entertainment industry, as the news that the two officially broke up and went their separate ways to cancel their wedding is spreading all over the internet. The two haven't even seen each other for 3 months.

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Zhang Linghuo was willing to "more than lose" with the juniors because of Bai Luo, and he shed light on suspicious details

Phượng Vũ09:38:47 01/12/2023
Male subordinate Ning An Nhu Dream has just had Zhang Ling Hao's peeling performance, making many people excited. As it turns out, the god can be for the person in his heart in spite of everything, in the movie and in real life.

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Dilraba Dilmurat was accused of "plagiarizing" Trieu Lo Tu's style, a female star blatantly stealing the spotlight

Nguyễn Tuyết16:43:23 14/11/2023
Famous for her elegant, classy, and elegant dressing sense, Xinjiang beauty Dich Le Nhiet Ba still cannot avoid being compared to Trieu Lo Tu when it comes to style.

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Quan Hieu Dong is pregnant, her face is clear, and her weight gain is uncontrolled, causing many people to be shocked?

Thư Kỳ13:20:03 16/06/2023
The image with an unusually large bust, the b.ody also gaining weight uncontrollably, Quan Hieu Dong's double face when appearing at a brand event raised the suspicion of pregnancy.

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Liu Yifei was criticized for not knowing how to keep her beauty, manually destroying the face of "billion billion billion"

M.A13:32:17 15/06/2023
The image of the real beauty of the billion-dollar fairy Liu Yifei makes the public disillusioned. She revealed a pale, discolored face that was unrecognizable. Perhaps, Liu Yifei's billion-dollar fairy title is just a thing of the past.

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Luhan betrayed Guan Xiaodong, r.evealing photos of a.dultery in the hotel with strange girls?

Hoàng Phúc11:20:08 09/12/2022
Recently, Sohu reported that a male star with a 2-word name had a girlfriend who was found to be having an affair. After her girlfriend found out, she took the initiative to break up and now has a new boyfriend. Immediately, many netizens assumed that the couple mentioned in the...

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Quan Hieu Dong - Huge acting talent, dubbed Cbiz's small flower that is both beautiful and nave

Nắng17:17:51 02/11/2022
Quan Hieu Dong (born in 1997) is known for her beautiful beauty with a sense of pride and long straight legs. She has been involved in acting since she was very young, her age is quite young, but the age of this female star must make many other actors admire. Guan Xiaodong is...

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Ly Dich Phong and Ngo Diep Pham are entangled in labor: "Four great flows" Cbiz after 7 years, who has the most benefit?

An Nhi10:29:05 21/09/2022
Duong Duong, Ngo Dich Pham, Loc Ham, Ly Dich Phong are the "Four Great Traffic" voted by the media and Cbiz fans. However, a few years later, not everyone can keep the glory of the past. In the period 2015-2016, Ly Dich Phong, Duong Duong, Ngo Diep Pham and Loc Ham were selected...

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Loc Ham again watches at exactly 0:00 to celebrate Quan Hieu Dong's birthday: The most loyal second of showbiz is here

Jennie11:09:47 17/09/2022
During their time together, the couple was extremely secretive but very affectionate, always posting on social networks on anniversaries to congratulate each other. This is the 6th year in a row that Luhan posted Weibo to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday. Before being able...

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Translated by Duong Thien Ty, the scandal caused the whole Cbiz to stir: Luu Thi Thi, Loc Ham ... were also called.

An Nhi11:20:39 16/07/2022
The scandal of Dich Duong Thien Ty shocked the whole Cbiz. Many celebrities, even though they are not related, are also caught up in the star treatment scandal of Dich Duong Thien Ty. Sina reported that in the past few days, the scandal of using star privileges of 3 actors Dich...

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Quan Hieu Dong occupies No.1 h.ot search because he believes in prison and has many shocking crimes?

An Nhi07:39:05 16/07/2022
The Chinese online community could not help but be shocked by the news that actress Quan Hieu Dong was caught up in labor rumors. Currently, this news has climbed to No.1 h.ot search Weibo and caused a stir in public opinion. Recently, the social network suddenly spread an...

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Quan Hieu Dong got into a series of lawsuits because the milk tea shop opened on its own, its reputation declined, and fans demanded that idols close the shop

Hoàng Anh17:27:19 27/06/2022
Despite having a sublime acting career and love for Loc Ham that many admire, but Hieu Dong doesn't seem to have a predestined relationship with business. The milk tea shop she opened, from its opening until now, has faced a series of criticisms from customers, partners and...

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Trieu Lo Tu "surpassed" Quan Hieu Dong, General To Nhi won a formidable achievement

An Nhi17:22:27 19/05/2022
Compared with the small flowers after 95 such as Quan Hieu Dong, Tong To Nhi ... "beauties through the air" Trieu Lo Tu currently has the most female historical works but is criticized by the public for its quality. At the present time, Trieu Lo Tu is the female star after 95...

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Guan Xiao Dong poses hard to help, is criticized for being crushed in a new magazine photo set

An Nhi18:32:01 05/05/2022
As a beauty of thousands of people, Quan Hieu Dong disappointed the audience with a new set of photos. Recently, Guan Xiaodong's cover photo series in the May issue of Harpers BAZAAR magazine was published and attracted a lot of attention from the online community. However, the...

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Quan Hieu Dong "slaps" antifan right on Luhan's birthday in the midst of breakup rumors

An Nhi18:00:01 20/04/2022
Contrary to previous breakup rumors, Guan Xiaotong's latest move on Luhan's birthday proved that their relationship is still very good. Recently, on the Weibo social network, a blogger's post has been spread alluding to the fact that the famous couple Cbiz is about to break up...

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Luhan and Guan Xiaodong broke up?

Hoàng Phúc16:39:23 19/04/2022
Information about the famous 9X couple Loc Ham - Quan Hieu Dong, everyone's way is causing a stir in social networks. On the afternoon of April 19, a series of Chinese bloggers published an article: "A famous couple broke up, waiting for Weibo to be paralyzed". Immediately, this...

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Guan Xiao Tong spoke up against the scam rumors that caused a stir in social networks

Nắng11:43:47 07/04/2022
Quan Hieu Dong officially spoke out before the news that she was sued for f.raud in commercial activities. The information about the milk tea brand of "national sister" Guan Xiaodong being denounced by a partner for business violations is attracting the audience's curiosity. On...

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Quan Hieu Dong was suddenly prosecuted for trading milk tea, what is the reason?

An Nhi22:13:50 06/04/2022
Quan Hieu Dong's milk tea shop suddenly got into a lot of noise related to the law. Sohu page on April 6 reported, the online community is stirring with the information that the famous actress Guan Xiaotong (Luhan's girlfriend) was involved in a legal controversy and was...

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Guan Xiaodong rejected Luhan's marriage proposal for fear of a career decline?

An Nhi18:04:52 05/04/2022
Because of his career, Guan Xiaodong is very hesitant to get married. Recently, on Chinese social networks spread information that Luhan proposed to his girlfriend Quan Xiaotong, but she refused. The above rumor makes the couple's fans extremely worried because this is not the...

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