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Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each other's exception

Phương Thảo14:54:37 17/04/2024
On April 12, Trieu Lo Tu was present at an event of the fashion brand Versace. Immediately afterwards, a video recording the scene of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu embracing each other passionately when attending the event was widely shared.

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Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for dancing like he was "doing health exercises" and was inferior to his sister Bach Loc

Phi Yến07:39:11 22/03/2024
As one of the little flowers born from the finish line, Trieu Lo Tu not only attracts attention because of his acting ability, but also his talents are of special interest to netizens. However, when it comes to dancing, she is far behind her sister Bach Loc.

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Zhao Luxiu was given evidence of having a boyfriend, Chen Zheyuan was just a name

Nguyễn Tuyết08:11:54 02/03/2024
Recently, the online community was abuzz with the image of Zhao Luotu holding hands with a strange man. Many people speculate that this must be the boyfriend she has hidden for a long time.

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Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it

Phượng Vũ13:45:25 25/02/2024
The online community in recent hours has been discussing a lot about Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han's rare visual clash, and at the same time putting it on the scale to compare who will win?

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Trieu Lo Tu's past photos were dug up, what is her beauty that caused a storm in the fandom?

Tuyết Ngọc07:26:10 20/02/2024
The online community has just been shocked by Trieu Lo Tu's series of photos from his not-so-famous days. Many people did not hesitate to praise her beauty from the egg, worthy of the title of Cbiz beauty.

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Trieu Lo Tu - Duong Duong were falsely accused by famous producers, Tieu Chien immediately took action

Phi Yến07:35:52 30/01/2024
Producer Duong Hieu Boi's statement caused fierce debate among fans of Tieu Chien, Duong Duong, Trieu Lo Tu... They feel unfair towards their idols.

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Gia Nai: Xinjiang beauty was supported by Liu Yifei, "crushing" Trieu Lo Tu

Hướng Dương11:38:48 29/01/2024
Gia Nai is known as an extremely new factor in the Chinese entertainment industry. She possesses youthful beauty and beauty that makes a deep impression on people at first sight.

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Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien "jealous", happy with new love to receive good news

Kim Lâm13:23:41 28/01/2024
Trieu Lo Tu is one of the most sought-after little flowers in the Chinese entertainment industry today. Her charm is shown by which movie she acts in, which is a h.ot movie. Recently, she and her new lover continued to receive new good news in their career.

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Trieu Lo Tu compares favorably with his "son" Hua Khai, but is still complimented delicately for one reason

Bình Minh11:16:26 26/01/2024
Trieu Lo Tu continues to score points in the eyes of fans and is praised for his sophistication and warmth when interacting with a c.hild co-star. His identity is unknown to everyone, he is Hua Khai's son.

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Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received "criticism" for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues

Tuyết Ngọc14:37:43 18/01/2024
After Weibo Festival 2023, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu were suddenly fiercely criticized by netizens for the movie poster from many years ago. Many people believe that the pair of stars aspire to be the center to overwhelm their colleagues.

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Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was "outed" by his ex-lover.

Phi Yến14:27:44 15/01/2024
At the Weibo Festival, Trieu Lo Tu was seen standing next to Bach Loc and famous Cbiz stars. The moment her on-screen love walked side by side with her seniors on the red carpet caused a stir on the internet.

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Trieu Lo Tu was praised for his karma, even though he was c.ruel to Ly Quan Nhue twice

Nguyễn Tuyết16:42:15 13/01/2024
Even though Trieu Lo Tu is seriously ill, he is still determined to film scenes for the movie Hidden Spirit so as not to affect everyone. Ly Quan Nhue pursued her twice but to no avail.

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Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting "cold" in the touching scene

Minh Ngọc23:10:28 06/01/2024
Shen An, starring Zhao Luxiu and Wang Anyu, ended with a happy ending for the lead couple. The film has a positive opening but later becomes even less attractive to the audience.

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Zhao Lu Zi turned into a billion-billion fairy in the new film, not as criticized as Liu Yifei

Hướng Dương13:36:57 01/01/2024
After a series of successful roles, Zhao Luoxi's beauty is considered to be more advanced than before. Xiao Hua had just tried her hand at white robes, and the billion-billion fairy was praised no less than Liu Yefei.

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Dilraba Dilmurat cooperated with Jennie (BLACKPINK), Trieu Lo Tu became an internet phenomenon

Bình Minh16:02:19 28/12/2023
After hearing the news that Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat cooperated in filming a movie with Jennie (BLACKPINK), netizens were restless; because both are beauties with outstanding visuals.

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Hidden God was criticized for not being shown, Trieu Lo Tu was the reason the movie flopped miserably

Hoàng Phúc17:15:22 27/12/2023
The movie Hidden Spirit starring Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu has reached the halfway mark, but according to Chinese media, the film's current recognition is extremely low, with no audience discussion. What is the reason?

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Trieu Lo Tu was refused cooperation by his male co-star for the second time, industry insiders revealed the surprising truth

Châu Anh15:38:34 23/12/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is currently one of Cbiz's famous 95th flower girls. Her behind-the-scenes stories always attract attention. Recently, the fact that she was rejected by her co-star and her true personality was made public has become a h.ot topic of discussion.

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Trieu Lo Tu forgot all the memories of the time he loved Tran Triet Vien and even publicly promised this handsome man

Phượng Vũ16:51:48 22/12/2023
After 1 year of breaking up with Tran Triet Vien, Trieu Lo Tu now has a new love. She didn't even hesitate to say words of love to handsome men of the same age, making people restless.

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Trieu Lo Tu's Than An disappoints with "3 cents" effects, beauty and acting not as expected

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:06:18 18/12/2023
Hidden Than with the participation of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu is a film that has been expected since the filming information was released. However, after airing, not only the script but also the main cast also caused a lot of controversy and disappointment for viewers.

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Tran Triet Vien "rekindles old love" with his ex-lover, no wonder he "dumped" Trieu Lo Tu so quickly!

Nguyễn Tuyết09:50:04 15/12/2023
Recently, people caught the moment Tran Triet Vien publicly hugged and kissed a g.irl, only to find out that they had known each other 3 years ago. So Trieu Lo Tu has no chance of coming back.

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Trieu Lo Tu "resumed their old love" with Tran Triet Vien, suddenly reunited after breaking up, making fans very happy

Uyển Đình10:32:15 12/12/2023
The perfect coordination and explosive chemistry in the love story Accidental Theft Can't Hide helped Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien receive enthusiastic support from the audience. Recently, the couple unexpectedly reunited, making fans extremely happy.

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Trieu Lo Tu's Hidden God has broken a record yet and fans expect a big win by the end of 2023.

Thiên Di16:25:58 11/12/2023
The Hidden God is Trieu Lo Tu's next historical film after the success of Tinh Han Xan Lan in the summer of 2022. As the broadcast date approaches, the film received a series of good news that makes fans hope that this will be a successful project. violent potential in the near future.

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Zhao Luxiu was mocked by netizens for losing the anti-fan lawsuit, still surpassing Zhao Liying at this point!

Hoa Tuyết07:48:06 07/12/2023
A while ago, Zhao Luoxi's side took 1 online user to court for posting articles about Xiao Hua's behind-the-scenes filming on social networks. The outcome of the lawsuit surprised many people.

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Zhao Luoxi's Shen An reveals evidence that is about to air, but is in danger of being surpassed by a project?

Thanh Anh15:05:56 06/12/2023
Recently, social media spreading information about the Shen An project by Zhao Luxiu and Wang Anyu has revealed evidence that is about to air. Despite high expectations, the film is in danger of being surpassed by a project.

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