Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc

Phượng VũJan 16, 2024 at 15:27

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The online community has just been shocked by the moment Truong Lang Hach became intimate with a Gen Z beauty on set. So is there really no hope for the boat and Bach Loc?

As one of the most famous "fake love movie" couples on the Chinese screen, every move of Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach receives special attention from the public. The two have been entangled in dating rumors since they were caught having intimate gestures on the set of the movie "Ninh An Nhu Mong".

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 1

Not stopping there, the couple was also seen many times secretly dating or having sweet actions for each other. However, up to now, neither the beauty named Bach nor the male god named Truong have once spoken about this issue, making people extremely excited.

However, after "Ninh An Nhu Mong" ended, the two rarely appeared together and quickly accepted to participate in new projects as well as have other co-stars. Not long ago, the movie "Do Hoa Nien" starring Truong Lang Hach officially started filming.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 2

It is known that this is a project adapted from the novel "Chief Princess" by author Mac Thu Bach. In addition to the "rumored love" of Bach Loc as the male lead Bui Van Tuyen, the film also has the participation of female star Gen. Z - Trieu Kim Mach as Ly Dung.

Directed by director Cao Duc Tuan - the person behind the success of Vo My Nuong Truyen Ky, scriptwriter Nhieu Tuan (Thien Co Quyet Tran, Kiem Vuong Trieu, Tuy Linh Lung), is expected to air on Youku this year.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 3

Most recently, on social networks, a series of pictures of a couple enthusiastically biting melon seeds were suddenly spread on social networks, behind the scenes of filming "Do Hoa Nien". The source said that this segment is the scene on the flower boat, when the male and female leads get married for the first time after being reborn.

In the photo, Truong Lang Hach and Trieu Kim Mach make a strong impression when possessing outstanding beauty. Therefore, their appearance and status are also one of the things that fans are interested in.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 4

Previously, the couple's wedding photos were posted. It is not difficult to realize that their designs are extremely luxurious, especially the bride. From hair accessories to Trieu Kim Mach's costumes in "Do Hoa Nien" are all very sophisticatedly designed. Meanwhile, Truong Lang Hach was also praised for being handsome and stylish with his image as a groom.

However, besides the compliments, there are still opinions that the beauty of the female celebrity surnamed Trieu is not at all suitable for a costume design. Her face looked completely out of place with her bridal outfit and accessories.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 5

However, there are also opinions that Trieu Kim Mach has good acting ability, which will help the movie explode if he cooperates well with his senior Truong Lang Hach.

Regarding the content of "Do Hoa Nien", according to the original, the character Ly Dung is the eldest princess with a liberal and arrogant personality. Meanwhile, his son-in-law Bui Van Tuyen is gentle and introverted. More importantly, Bui Van Tuyen had a lover but was f.orced to marry Ly Dung, so he never kept her in his heart.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 6

During 30 years of being together, there were only two words of power and authority between them. In the end, the couple was separated and died in regret. However, this event marks a new beginning for Bui Van Tuyen and Ly Dung when they have the opportunity to return to when they were 18 years old. From here, the couple's story took a completely different direction.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 7

In 2023, Truong Lang Hach was expected to explode with two major film projects, "Van Chi Vu" and "Ninh An Nhu Mong". Unfortunately, neither of these two historical projects could help him escape his violent life.

Currently, people are looking forward to this guy's performance in "Tu Hai Trong Minh" collaborating with Canh Diem and "Do Hoa Nien" pairing with Trieu Kim Mach in 2024.

Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc - Photo 8

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