Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting "cold" in the touching scene

Minh NgọcJan 06, 2024 at 23:10

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Shen An, starring Zhao Luxiu and Wang Anyu, ended with a happy ending for the lead couple. The film has a positive opening but later becomes even less attractive to the audience.

The HermitGod is not overrated but is still one of the most popular Chinese-language films at the moment. The themes surrounding this work were noticed by many viewers, one of which was Zhao Luoxi's crying scene in the scene where Yuan Kai disappeared in Feng An's arms.

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 1

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 2

Notably, Zhao Luoxi's performance in the film was controversial, being judged inferior to the male lead Wang Anyu who received many doubts before.

Especially in the climactic scene in the final episode of Shen An, when the male lead Yuan Kai dissolves in Feng An's arms. Zhao was supposed to express the heroine's extreme pain at losing her lover, but her performance in this scene was a complete failure.

Commenting on this scene, the audience thought that Zhao's acting was unconvincing, not making viewers feel the character's pain. Here are a few comments from netizens:

- The scene is touching, but why Zhao Lu Zi is too "pushy".

"It's okay to be on film in normal times, but now look at the Clown Queen's face. I don't know if I'm crying or laughing, it's really bad.

- This performance can be said to lose to the movies on Douyin that I often watch.

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 3

According to the audience's reviews on many movie forums, Zhao Luxiu did not make much progress in acting, Wang Anyu did not fit into the fashion.

While before, the fairy film " Crumbs of Incense" faded , although it was also criticized for its old content, but was "saved" by the acting of Yang Zi and Cheng Yi; and Shen An was not.

Many viewers thought that Zhao Luotu should be more cautious while choosing scripts.

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 4

Many viewers left many comments saying that Shen An was far behind Liu Shishi's film Nhat Conception Guan Shan . Although the film of the beauty surnamed Liu has been out for a long time, the level of discussion about the film is still higher than that of Shen An.

Although before airing, Shen An has reached 6 million preview appointments on Tencent Video. Immediately after the launch, Shen An broke the 20,000 temperature mark on the Tencent platform. Less than 3 hours later, Shen An'stemperature broke 23,000 on the broadcasting platform.

The character index A Yin played by Zhao Lu Tu broke 9.0 on the first day. She was praised for being beautiful, lovely, acting naturally. Meanwhile, the male lead Wang Anyu, although criticized for not being suitable for the historical shape, was praised for his radio and acting.

Thinking that with impressive initial figures, the drama will be on the way to conquer new records, bringing new achievements to Zhao Luoxi, but Shen An became more and more disappointing until the last episode aired, the audience was really "desperate".

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 5

Many people think that the Shen Hidden scenario is too outdated. The character setup from main to minor is not too prominent.

In recent episodes, in addition to the problem that the male lead Wang Anyu was criticized for not being suitable for the historical shape, the original film was considered very unsightly, the content was boring, many childish details, "inanimate".

The film aired but the amount of advertising was less pathetic, the ratings were not very positive.

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 6

Another minus point of Shen An lies in the insufficient battle scenes, which happen too fast to fall short. From A Yin to Phoenix An, she became a semi-god, but her ability and strength did not show too much power. Wang Anyu's appearance and temperament were criticized from the early days and gradually removed the antlers later. The performance of the cast is not too inferior, but it is at a pleasant, easy-to-draw, empathetic level according to the film circuit, has not really made a breakthrough to help Shen An "escape the ring".

Zhao Luotu was criticized for acting cold in the touching scene - Photo 7

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