Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to "helping" the quality of Chinese films to decrease

Phi ĐứcDec 30, 2023 at 20:56

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Sina page just had a post summarizing the year of the Chinese film industry. The article analyzes the reasons why many television works are released but do not resonate, creating a lot of controversy about acting.

Among them, low-quality films focus mainly on the romance genre, with currently h.ot idol actors such as Bach Loc, Luu Vu Ninh, Trieu Lo Tu, and Cuc Tinh Y.

According to Sina , the manipulation and promotion of untrained idol actors is creating problems in acting, the phenomenon of competition for positions (position on the poster, importance in the film) and conflicts. sideline controversy.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 1

According to Sina , with the strong development of social networking sites such as Douyin (Chinese Tiktok), Tieu Hong Thu, and Bilibili , more and more internet stars are being born, emerging from the hottest trends. time. Bach Loc, Luu Vu Ninh, Trieu Lo Tu, Vuong Hac De represent internet stars with tens of millions of followers, even surpassing many senior actors in the world. Meanwhile, Cuc Tinh Y, Ngo Tuyen Nghi, Vuong Nhat Bac... are always the faces that receive a lot of praise when switching to acting.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 2

Due to lack of formal training and in-depth acting expertise, the on-screen performance of many actors such as Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu continuously causes controversy.

In 2023, Bach Loc consecutively released three films: Truong Nguyet Tan Minh, Di Ai Vi Doanh and Ninh An Like a Dream . However, it is Bach Loc's stereotypical acting, excessive and exaggerated expressions, expressing emotions by moving his mouth and screaming that makes the audience discuss the most. She even makes her main characters have expressions like "satisfied little people", playing the main role but looking like a villain. Therefore, she became a big reason why many audiences abandoned the film.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 3

Trieu Lo Tu's case is similar to Bach Loc's, also classified as stars with limited acting, only safe in a certain type of role. Therefore, when performing different roles, they are often criticized for playing themselves, not understanding the context or inner character of the character, or only being able to act on the outside, crying and laughing mechanically.

Poor acting causes them to often create works of low quality. That is also the reason why, despite starring in many movies, none of the above stars received nominations for mainstream acting awards.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 4

On the other hand, being overly promoted helps the above stars receive countless projects. Every year, Trieu Lo Tu participates in about 3 movies.

In 2023, Bach Loc appeared in 6 different works. Continuously filming makes them unable to escape their roles, carrying emotions, images, and acting styles from one character to another. Audiences often encounter overlapping acting styles of the above stars.

Another problem that arises is that due to excessive promotion, young stars develop arrogance and compare their achievements and status with each other. In recent years, the competition for position (position on the poster, importance in the film) has become a prominent issue, causing many noisy debates on social networks.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 5

Actors hardly care about considering their roles, experience and abilities, but always compete for important positions. As a result, young stars do not want to cooperate with their seniors, but only want to act with people who are less famous than them to dominate their positions. This combination creates a group of actors who are weak in both acting and experience in the same work.

On the other hand, competing for positions also leads to extra scenes to overwhelm colleagues. This behavior ruins the original script and distorts the character setting.

Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to helping the quality of Chinese films to decrease - Photo 6

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