Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action

Phượng VũJan 03, 2024 at 13:37

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Near the turn of the new year, Bach Loc was seen running shows continuously, both acting and participating in events in the cold weather that pierced her heart; this made her sick from overwork.

Bai Luo, after Zhejiang's Year-end Festival on the last day of 2023 (December 31), immediately returned to the "White Moon Sanskrit" crew to finish the unfinished scenes. However, it seems that Xiao Hua's state is not very good.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 1

It is known that before the Year-end Festival, Bai Loc had pain in her back, had to wear a fixed belt, so her dance movements looked quite weak, not decisive and strong, making some netizens feel unsatisfied.

Most recently, the image of the Bai family flower lying on the chair resting, the whole person lacking vitality, needing the care of the staff on the set of "White Moon Sanskrit" leaked out, causing fans to be extremely worried. Many opinions said that she has been working at full capacity in recent days, leading to the current situation.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 2

Notably, according to the owner of the post, although the actress was so tired that she stood unsteadily, she still did not forget to invite the crew to h.ot milk tea in the cold winter of China. Bai Loc's warm and delicate actions immediately received much applause from the public. They also hope that Xiao Hua will soon recover her health to bring the best footage.

"White Moon Sanskrit" will open on November 5, 2023, this is the next project "pet chicken" Vu Chinh has accepted to participate in since the TV series "Northern Thuong". The film is adapted from the novel "The White Ruler of God" by the author of Spirit, produced by IQIYI.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 3

And helmed by director Zhou Yibin (the man behind the success of Huong Honey Like Mist, Chang Song Song, Ngu Jiaji, Tinh Lac Cease into Tang, Ninh An Like a Dream...), the shaping is in charge of Yi Xiaoyi.

The plot of the film "Bach Nguyet Sanskrit Tinh" revolves around the life and love story of the heroine Bach Que (Bach Loc) - the second lady of the Shogun's palace and the head of the Sanskrit Vietnamese clan (Ngao Thuy Bang). The number of episodes scheduled to air is 36, and the film's closing schedule is unknown.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 4

In another development, social media is circulating images purportedly of Bai Loc and Zhang Ling Hao r.evealing their spouses, attracting the interest of fans of the couple.

Although the historical drama "Ninh An Like a Dream" starring Bai Loc and Truong Ling Hao, although it has ended a long time ago, its resonance still lasts until now.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 5

Although it is considered that it has not made a breakthrough as expected, in general, the work with the participation of the Bai family has continuously achieved proud achievements.

During the filming for the project, the main couple Bach Loc - Truong Ling Hach especially attracted the attention of a large number of netizens when they had many intimate gestures with each other both on film and in real life. The chemistry in the acting of the two also makes the audience believe that the love between them is more than just co-stars.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 6

There were even paparazi who revealed that the couple was secretly dating. The two have been photographed many times going on dates or having sweet acts for each other, but have not once spoken out about this issue, making the audience impatient.

The fever of "Ninh An Like a Dream" has not shown signs of cooling down, recently, Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach has become the talk of the online community. Accordingly, not long ago, a series of photos of the male beauty surnamed Zhang was suddenly dug up. In the photo, the guy wears a simple white shirt but impresses enough by his handsome appearance.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 7

It is worth mentioning here that Zhang Linghao's past face has many similarities to the Bai Lu of the present. When looking through this series of photos, many people have to exclaim full of surprise because they think this is the image when... Little Flower of the White Family False Boys.

Despite falling ill, Bai Loc still filmed, and also took advantage of scoring points with 1 action - Photo 8

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