Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was "outed" by his ex-lover.

Phi YếnJan 15, 2024 at 14:27

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At the Weibo Festival, Trieu Lo Tu was seen standing next to Bach Loc and famous Cbiz stars. The moment her "on-screen love" walked side by side with her seniors on the red carpet caused a fever on the internet.

On January 13, Weibo Night 2023 - one of the biggest entertainment events at the end of the year in the Chinese entertainment industry organized by Sina took place in an enthusiastic welcome from the public, with the participation of Sina. gathering of famous Cbiz stars such as: Duong Mich, Tieu Chien, Duong Tu, Vuong Nhat Bac, Chau Dong Vu, Dilraba Dilmurat, Trieu Lo Tu, Bach Loc, Canh Diem,...

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 1

Over the past several hours, from the time the festival began until now, online forums have been filled with information and discussion topics about the event as well as the stars who attended. Among them, the article that attracted the greatest attention must have been the moment Trieu Lo Tu shared a frame with Bach Loc, Tong Dat,...

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 2

Possessing a pretty and lovely appearance, the beauty of the Trieu family's height is quite modest and is considered a major limitation, causing her to often have to suffer from being "inferior" when standing next to other female stars.

This is clearly reflected in the photo of Trieu Lo Tu taken with female lead Di Ai Vi Doanh and "rumored lover" Bach Kinh Dinh. She looks like a "schoolgirl", almost lost among the stars, which is quite funny.

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 3

Although in the public profile on Baidu, Trieu Lo Tu's height is listed as 1m61, but in reality, many times people suspected that the "Holy Traveler" had lied about her height, thinking that she was at most just a little taller than 1m55.

Also at the Weibo Festival, in addition to the shimmering and excellent looks of the attention-grabbing stars, the moment Bach Loc stood shoulder to shoulder with Tran Triet Vien also received relatively great attention from the online community.

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 4

The young man and woman stood in the same frame together, many netizens did not hesitate to give "winged" compliments to both Tran Triet Vien and Bach Loc. At the same time, some netizens also expressed confusion at this arrangement of the organizers of the Festival.

Answering questions, there are opinions that this is like "a signal" from Sina, it is possible that in the near future, the famous star couple will pair up in a certain film project. The above prediction of netizens received great agreement. Although it's unclear what the truth is, the audience has begun to show anticipation.

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 5

Tran Triet Vien and Bach Loc are both outstanding little flowers/little students in their generation. Talking about the actress born in 1994, her starting point was not high, and she was also labeled a "hot actress".

However, through hard work, hard work in filming and artistic activities, along with the support of boss Hoan Ngu Anh Thi - Vu Chinh, resources and the name Bach Loc also became "promoted". " than.

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 6

As for Tran Triet Vien, in fact he is also an amateur actor, however, as soon as he entered the acting field, he was immediately assigned the male lead role in "Bi Qua", collaborating with Ly Lan Dich.

And up to now, the number of times the new generation male god has played a supporting role can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The young man is also known as one of Trieu Lo Tu's prominent "screen lovers".

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 7

The couple became famous thanks to their collaboration in the school youth work "Clumsiness Can't Hide". If Tran Triet Vien has a good launch pad, the beauty of the Trieu family is also known to the audience through many "best-selling" works: Oh My Majesty, Tran Thien Thien in Rumors, Love You From the Stomach, Releasing Thien Ha, Tinh Han Xan Lan, Than An,...

After many years of "struggling" in the Chinese entertainment industry, she is considered the top flower g.irl of the 95th generation, with a more outstanding career and reputation than many other colleagues such as: Ngu Thu Han, Vuong So Nhien, Chau Da, Truong Nhuoc Nam,...

Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was outed by his ex-lover. - Photo 8

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