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Bach Loc is loved by his "foster father" Vu Chinh: Promising to become the top

Đông Nguyên16:34:20 21/03/2024
The next work is a collaboration between Bach Loc and director Vu Chinh and is causing a stir in Chinese media. It seems that the male director has put a lot of effort into bringing his pet chicken to the top of the list.

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Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming

Đông Nguyên17:22:51 16/03/2024
After a tense direct confrontation between Duong Tu and Trieu Lo Tu, there was finally a final result. However, Chinese netizens were extremely surprised when Duong Tu was so far behind Trieu Lo Tu.

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Bach Loc - Trieu Lo Tu received "criticism" for joining forces to oppress their female colleagues

Tuyết Ngọc14:37:43 18/01/2024
After Weibo Festival 2023, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu were suddenly fiercely criticized by netizens for the movie poster from many years ago. Many people believe that the pair of stars aspire to be the center to overwhelm their colleagues.

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Zhao Luotu encountered a "problem" when he was famous, just because 1 thing was remarked: "Lack of bravery"

Nhật Hân13:50:23 05/09/2023
The Chinese-language online community is currently abuzz with the latest news of peak beauty Liu Zhao Luxu. Most expressed regret for the beauty's flourishing career.

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Tong Uy Long sued Vu Chinh, had to change his stage name, from 'pet chicken' to 'step-chicken'!

Hoàng Anh10:39:41 06/05/2022
Used to be the actor Vu Chinh supported the most, but now, Tong Uy Long is trying to find a way out of the current management company. Not long after joining Vu Chinh, Tong Uy Long warmly filed a lawsuit to claim justice. According to the latest update, on the morning of May 5...

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