BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage

Khánh HuyềnApr 06, 2024 at 17:06

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BLACKPINK is always a name that is reminded by people whenever Kpop has more "encore disasters". The more I look at the seniors, the more disappointed netizens are with the successive generations of juniors.

ILLIT is HYBE's newest g.irl group that debuted on March 25. Thanks to the catchy melody of their debut song Magnetic, the group quickly achieved many impressive achievements. Most recently, 5 female rookies have taken the top position on the Melon Top 100 ranking.

On the afternoon of April 2, the "youngest girl" of HYBE won the first music trophy for her debut song Magnetic. On The Show, ILLIT sang an encore celebrating the new achievement. Recently, new generation idols have been "scrutinized" by people with quite strict live singing skills. Especially after the disastrous encore of LE SSERAFIM, many groups were also put on the "radar". The youngest brother of the HYBE family is no exception, ILLIT's first encore makes people pay more attention.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 1

On the online community theqoo, there were mixed reactions to ILLIT's live rendition of "Magnetic" on The Show.

Singing an encore for the first time, ILLIT made people "war of words". People said that the group did quite well with a song that did not have as many climaxes as Magnetic, but someone pointed out ILLIT's obvious "vocal flaw" after 1 live singing.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 2

Minju and Yunah are considered the 2 members with the most stable live ability in the group, the remaining 3 members are criticized for poor live performance, especially Japanese idol Moka. Although "Magnetic" is a gentle track, it doesn't need technical difficulties.

Moka has been compared to the idol who is often criticized for live disasters, Sakura of LE SSERAFIM.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 3

ILLIT's encore is creating debate on social media. People believe that HYBE should focus more on training skill sets for idols. The emerging group is promoting its strengths in trendsetting music, dance and concept. The continuous criticism of HYBE's performance skills will significantly affect the reputation of the corporation and the artist's long-distance career.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 4

In the midst of rookie HYBE's controversial live performance, once again, BLACKPINK's rookie encore was given as a "rebuttal" proof.

Global g.irl group is always a name that people remind whenever Kpop has more "encore disasters". This time was no exception. BLACKPINK's strength is extremely uniform performance skills, whether singing while dancing or just standing in one place, the girls always maintain their performance, are highly appreciated for their ability to sing live.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 5

Accordingly, people give the example of BLACKPINK singing the first music trophy tribute encore to Whistle. Spectacular victory after 7 days of debut, BLACKPINK also could not contain their emotions. The 3 members Jennie, Lisa and Rosé also cried while singing. Despite this, the form remained stable. The internal vocals and clear voice color of each member, do not let crying affect the quality of the voice when on the mic.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 6

At that time, BLACKPINK was only "wet feet" but the performance was extremely solid, being a rookie but not looking like a rookie. The maturity of skills and charisma is always at the top, which is the prerequisite reason for 4 girls to conquer high-class stages like Coachella. To achieve this, the BLACKPINK members spent 4-5 years in the gym, going through a series of intense monthly tests.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 7

Placed next to BLACKPINK, ILLIT's vocal weakness is even more visible. HYBE successfully built young, dynamic female groups, representing the new generation, but the training time is quite short. Therefore, having skill gaps is natural. K-pop fans believe that the corporation should pay more attention to vocal training for trainees.

BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage - Photo 8

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