Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy

Phượng VũApr 02, 2024 at 17:28

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Swan started out as a model, then encroached on acting. She began to impress the audience when she appeared in the Vietnamese version of "Family Is No. 1".

Thien Swan or Yumi Thien Swan, whose full name is Nguyen Thien Nga, was born in 1994 in Binh Thuan is a photo model, and participated in the Vietnamese sitcom "Family Is No. 1". She also appeared in TVC's controversial Aba laundry detergent commercial. In addition, she is also an advertising model for many famous brands such as Paltal, Cocacola, Zalora ...

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 1

Swans possess a beautiful face, with sharp lines, three-ring measurements are 88-62-93. As a multi-talented young woman who works as a photo model and acts, Nga is not afraid to try herself in many new environments.

Before being as famous as it is now, few people know that Swan went through many hardships to be able to pursue his own artistic path. She used to be the one who ran away from her family from Phan Thiet to Saigon to sneak up on piano and guitar despite being banned.

Later, when deciding to move to Saigon, Thien Swan started living in this place and encountered many difficulties. In order to have m.oney to pay for her early days away from home, the beauty ran back and forth everywhere to apply for jobs and work various jobs.

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 2

With a beautiful and pure appearance but no less charming and s.exy, Swan is known to the audience as a h.ot g.irl after participating in several beauty contests. After that, she also gradually made her mark on every step of the way into the thorny artistic path.

The opportunity came to Swan when she collaborated with many singers and participated in their MVs, such as Tim, Hamlet Truong and Quang Vinh. In 2017, she decided to participate in the show "The Face 2017". When wearing a rustic face or light makeup, Swans are commented to look younger and more beautiful when wearing bold makeup.

Remember in episode 1 of The Face 2017, the contestants tried their hand at the carpentry competition. While the girls had "positive" and negative comments about their opponents, Tu Hao expressed her opinion that she did not like Swan's part.

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 3

Tu Hao thought that Swan had acted too much, his face was somewhat "cheesy". In response to the comment of his fellow contestants, the long-legged from Binh Thuan expressed his opinion, because the other person could not do as he should be jealous.

Although Tu Hao has negative comments about Swan, when Tu Hao is commented by others, she thinks that others should not comment too much. Swan thinks that Tu Hao is a little too egotistical, and the way she performs is not suitable for this program.

In the end, Swan reached the Top 6 of the show and Tu Hao became the Champion of the 2nd season of Face of the Brand. After the show, Binh Thuan played Yumi – Duc Minh's later wife (played by Phat La).

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 4

Yumi was the one who captivated both brothers Duc Minh and Duc Man (Gin Tuan Kiet) when they first met. Since then, she and the Ming-Man family have had a close relationship. Her father was involved in the gangster ring and should be "tried".

With the image of a beautiful, haughty lady, Swan has gradually made an impression on television audiences through this role. She has not been trained through any school, so she always spends a lot of time researching and learning to complete her role in the best way.

More about "Family Is No. 1", is a Vietnamese drama in the genre of sitcom remade from the Korean version of the same name. This is also the opening sitcom for the "new Vietnamese movie prime time" slot on HTV7 channel, airing from 16/1/2017 to 9/2/2018.

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 5

Vietnam's "Family Is No. 1" revolves around the family life of 3 generations full of laughter of the families of Mr. Duc Nghia and Ms. Be Nam. The situations are fun, interesting but bring meaningful family messages expressed by the characters. Each character has their own personalities and stories that create a novelty for the film.

In 2023, Thien Swan has a special role in the movie "Beyond Friendship" gathering a cast of famous actors such as Le Thien, Than Thuy Ha, Quoc Cuong...

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 6

In this project, Thien Swan plays both Ngoc Truc and Ngoc Tram, two characters with completely different personalities (before and after changing their identities). Paired with her is Hainan. The character Hoang Phuong in the film is his friend's debut TV role.

Absent for a while, the Swan suddenly appeared with a surpassed belly at the event. Accordingly, the actress and her boyfriend attended the film's premiere press conference in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. This is the first time after announcing her pregnancy, she attended an entertainment event and is not afraid to s.how o.ff her lovely round belly.

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 7

Although the belly is quite large, the Swan divine color is still considered fresh, not broken, she moves very gently and strongly. This overseas Vietnamese boyfriend accompanying her especially showed concern for pregnant mothers. He constantly watched the aisle and held out his hand to support his girlfriend as he walked the red carpet. Many praised the couple's visuals and affection.

In mid-March, Yumi Swan first released a picture of her round belly, announcing her pregnancy. She received many wishes from famous faces in showbiz such as Nha Phuong, Minh Tu, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc ...

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 8

Previously, the star of Family Is No. 1 almost "disappeared" from the entertainment world, even if he updated his daily image on social media, he did not r.eveal that he was pregnant with "baby Dragon".

"I choose for myself a peaceful life, I don't want to be noisy and uncomfortable. Simply being happy is a place where you always feel happy and loved," Yumi Swan shared.

Yumi Swan: Rose to Prominence by Playing Family Is No. 1, Just Confirmed Pregnancy - Photo 9

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