Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form?

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Constantly being shouted by Nam Em, Truong Giang and Nha Fang remained silent without moving. Until recently, the pet student Phat La shared the first move of the two.

In recent days, the online community has been constantly buzzing with a series of hidden livestreams referring to Nam Em's old love. The cause of the noise started from a time when the miss suddenly entered the livestream Nha Phuong gave gifts of tens of millions of VND. Immediately after that, she constantly "peeled" the old story, causing the audience to immediately call the name of the comedian Changjiang.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 1

While the Tien Giang beauty is "rioting" on social media, on the contrary, the couple does not care about the noise at all, still having fun with colleagues as always. Recently, actor Phat La posted a picture of dining with both of them and singer Ngo Kien Huy at a vegetarian restaurant.

"Those who have traveled, dived, rolled for a lifetime, will feel that a juicy and peaceful meal with their family is the most peaceful thing," Phat La shared. It can be seen that, in the midst of countless "turbulences", Changjiang - Nha Fang still decided to remain silent, avoiding bumping into the market.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 2

Under the comment section, many viewers sent questions to the comedian and his wife after Nam Em's "provocative" words: "As long as people and their spouses are still happy", "People live for the present, who digs up the past", "Wish the couple always optimistic, playful, no matter who says italics"...

Previously, Nam Em's e.xpose attracted a lot of attention from the online community. Although she did not say her name, she still pointed out many details that made the audience think of Changjiang.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 3

"It was a beautiful day, the whole set was filming until 3-4am, that day urged the whole set to shoot quickly before 11am, to spend, let the idol take me to drink the red solution, and then drove me to 7749 hotels that were full of rooms.

Taking each other to Da Nang to play, at that time said that they wanted to marry me, wanted me to give birth to a c.hild. At that time, I wondered if it would bring happiness to people. That's why I said goodbye. I don't know if the relationship is clear, I'm afraid I'm doing 'tuesday,'" the beauty said.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 4

Currently, the story revolving around Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and her husband and wife Truong Giang - Nha Phuong has not shown signs of cooling down, as well as the end, making people feel more and more bored.

Earlier, while Truong Giang - Nha Phuong and Phat La were livestreaming on their personal pages, Nam Em suddenly came to watch, and also gave gifts that attracted a lot of attention. It is known that the beauty of Tien Giang origin gave the couple "Ten Difficulties" two lions - the most expensive item on the livestream platform equivalent to more than 10 million VND.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 5

Initially when she saw the lion symbol appear, the Walking While Crying actress expressed her surprise and questions to Phat La. The comedian only explained that "lions are a lot of money". However, when Nam Em gave the 2nd lion and netizens mentioned his name under the comments, he urged his wife Truong Giang to quickly turn off the livestream.

Notably, in the evening of the same day, the miss had a livestream to talk about her actions with Nha Fang and Changjiang. Specifically, she said: "I like it, I give it. But the fans over here cursed me so badly that I learned from it. Giving gifts people don't thank but are told so I don't give them anymore."

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 6

Not long ago, Nam Em and businessman Bui Huu Cuong also caused controversy when mentioning Ten Difficulties on live air. The future husband of the beauty even casually affirmed that he "eats cleaner" than the male comedian of Quang Nam origin, so do not compare.

Later, in the face of criticism from the public, the couple said they would not mention anyone's name anymore to avoid noise. At the same time, he also expressed his desire for others not to mention him, as well as take advantage of his name for PR.

Changjiang - Yanfang revealed in the midst of the storm of drama, how is the current divine form? - Photo 7

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