After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party?

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After Phat Luo posted an article apologizing to Zhuang Fa for making a poor statement, many netizens noticed unusual details. They suspect the actor of "seeding" thanks to fans defending him amid the noise.

On the evening of March 5, Phat La made a post on his personal page apologizing to Trang Fa for accidentally making rude statements to his seniors. Earlier, during a livestream together, when receiving the challenge of listening to the Chocolate singer, the actor used a driving sentence containing offensive words that put the other person in an embarrassing situation.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 1

Soon after, student Changjiang was fiercely criticized by netizens for thinking that he was too uncharming and disrespectful to women. In response to the harsh reaction of the public, Phat La posted on social media to explain and apologize to Trang Fa.

Specifically, the actor wrote, "During the livestream, the show challenged me and Misthy to each listen to Trang Fa 10 sentences in turn. Because of the unexpected and overwhelming challenge, both of them both performed the challenge and needed to use the online reference phone.

I was in a hurry to carelessly choose to use inappropriate content." After the post, the guy also promised to learn from the experience, and will be careful in his statements in the next livestreams.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 2

It seemed that Phat La's mouth-watering incident was closed, however, recently, netizens suddenly discovered strange details under the actor's apology post. Accordingly, there are quite a few comments with similar content defending the guy after this scandal:

"Word play is an art, but some people put too much emphasis on it," "It's okay. As long as my brother is not wrong, it will not be wrong", "I feel normal", "I still love Phat La, it's okay",... In addition to the comments on the side of Truong Jiang's students, there are quite a few lines that even "copy-paste" are exactly the same.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 3

On a showbiz discussion forum, netizens questioned whether Phat La had "run seeding" to ask fans to defend him after the scandal over the recent statement. However, this is just a guess of netizens because they noticed irregularities in the actor's apology.

In addition to the attention on Truong Jiang's disciple, the people were also interested in Zhuang Fa's "every move". Accordingly, on her personal page, the singer has just made a series of new moves.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 4

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 5

However, she only posts pictures revolving around her work and makes no mention of the noise in recent times. It can be seen that "Beautiful Sister" still maintains a cheerful and energetic attitude despite being called out after Phat La's controversial hearing.

For now, the controversy is slowly subsiding. Thereby, many people also supported Trang France's attitude in the midst of the incident. As for Phat La, he has not made any new moves.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 6

Phat La's real name is La Vinh Phat, born in 1993. He is widely known for being the runner-up of the "Xiaolin Arena" program and a close student of Changjiang.

In his acting career, this guy made his mark when acting in the Vietnamese version of "Family Is No. 1". The actor also participated in many popular entertainment shows such as: Star Enlistment, Destiny Inn, Thank You Here You Are...

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 7

In terms of romance, in 2020, Phat La caused a stir when he was suspected of having a special relationship with Khanh Van (star of the movie "Big Eyes") when he was having a girlfriend. The story of all 3 made the people romantically but also gradually subsided after a while.

Until recently, the actor was suspected of dating Miss Thien An - Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. Accordingly, netizens have shared a series of suspicious signs of the two such as often appearing together, going to the movies or eating together with Truong Giang - Nha Phuong couple. Despite being called names, the couple has not taken action on the dating question.

After the post apologizing to Zhuang Fa, what was the reaction of the other party? - Photo 8

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