Nha Phuong is on the 'roof' of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars 'green-faced'

Gia NhiDec 28, 2023 at 13:34

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Actress Nha Phuong made people laugh out loud when she showed off her power with Truong Giang's husband, the 'roof' standard that made the male comedian shy away. The male stars sitting next to him all immediately turned pale.

Truong Giang recently caused a stir when he revealed a phone conversation with his wife Nha Phuong while participating in a program. As soon as the actor answered the phone, she asked about his feelings: "Husband. What's wrong? Why did your b.lood pressure drop? Is it better?" Seeing her other half constantly complaining about her health, Nha Phuong humorously asked Truong Giang's husband: "Huh. I didn't ask for any m.oney transfer, why is my b.lood pressure dropping?"

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 1

The actress also asked for the help of guests like Kieu Minh Tuan, Phat La, and Cris Phan to take good care of her husband because "there will probably be a few more card swipes today." Phat La humorously commented on the situation of Truong Giang's senior: "The husband works hard, the wife goes to the spa. In the past, when he told me that he was miserable, I thought he was joking. Who would have thought that when he entered the family, he would know it was true." Kieu Minh Tuan also said that Truong Giang would faint a few more times after transferring m.oney to her.

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 2

Truong Giang married Nha Phuong at the end of September 2018. Before moving into the same house in 2018, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong had a long and stormy relationship. In early 2019, Nha Phuong gave birth to her first b.aby girl, affectionately named Destiny.

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 3

In a program, Truong Giang once humorously "exposed" Nha Phuong in stripping all her husband's m.oney, leaving him with no "black fund". "Everyone knows which side is stronger, of course the wife's side. No one dares to argue. Tran Thanh once announced: 'I only have 2 million dong on the street', while Truong Giang goes out without a single "We all have an assistant next to us to take care of it, move the assistant to tell us," the male comedian once shared about his life after marriage.

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 4

In a TikTok clip, Truong Giang once talked about his wife. It's not the compliments that the male comedian said that his wife is an "alien" that makes people laugh out loud. Specifically, Truong Giang described: "My wife is so wonderful. My wife is just an alien. She has another mission down here, but because the flying saucer hasn't been found yet, she can't come back yet. In fact, my wife can't come back." Not on this Earth." Nha Phuong revealed that her husband was talking about her eating schedule.

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 5

Next, the comedian from Quang said : "She is a multi-personality person, never afraid of anything. The show is very busy, the light in the toilet couldn't be turned on, my wife called me, the car ran out of gas. My wife also called me, my c.hild was crying, my wife also called me. I was also at home practicing and starting to cook, but normally I'm at home, so why don't I ask? Instead, I always wait for me to go to the province to call me. But I don't have time. , I'm very busy with work. And if I don't call or my wife calls and I don't answer, my wife will ask: "Why are you calling and not answering?" Oh God, why are you working?"

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 6

Currently, Truong Giang is one of the male stars with the most fulfilling career and married life in Vietnamese showbiz. After marrying Nha Phuong, the male comedian had a young daughter named Destiny and a nearly 2-month-old b.aby boy. When he got married and had children, the image of Truong Giang in the eyes of the audience became increasingly better. In particular, the Quang comedian's way of raising his children also received many compliments. Even though she is busy, Truong Giang still spends time with her children such as playing tag, playing soccer, or teaching them, playing sales games, playing with sand, etc.

Nha Phuong is on the roof of power, doing something that Truong Giang has to do, making the stars green-faced - Photo 7

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