Yeonjun (TXT): "Legendary trainee" from Big Hit, recruited twice

Châu AnhApr 21, 2024 at 15:13

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Yeonjun is known to fans as the first member of Big Hit's TXT group. Yeonjun's increasingly eye-catching performance skills and charisma are something that makes fans always proud.

TXT is a group that is noticed because of the title "BTS juniors" placed on them. However, since their time as trainees, the members have shown outstanding talent through tests. Prominent among them is Yeonjun - the guy fondly called by fans as the "legendary" trainee of Big Hit.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 1

Yeonjun TXT was born on September 13, 1999, his real name is Choi Yeon Jun, he is a Korean male idol. Until now, he has not revealed any information about his parents and siblings to the public. He also studied in the United States for two years when he was 9 years old.

After returning to Korea, Yeonjun attended Gumi Middle School and transferred to Bulgok High School. When he graduated from Korea High School of Arts, he continued to study at Global Cyber University. Yeonjun is pursuing a major in entertainment and broadcasting.

For TXT fans, Yeonjun - the oldest member of the group is a "multi-talented" idol who is good at singing, rapping and dancing. Before debuting, the guy born in 1999 was also known as Big Hit's "legendary trainee" because he always topped every field in monthly tests.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 2

In addition, Yeonjun also possesses a handsome, outstanding appearance and skilled dancing skills, so he has become famous since school. He also worked as a backup dancer for San E's A Midsummer Night's Sweetness stages.

Not only "balancing" singing, rapping, and dancing, Yeonjun's charisma shown on promotional stages always attracts a large number of viewers. He always tries to fully convey the concept of the song, it can be magical, it can be youthful and dynamic.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 3

In episode 8 of the K-Drama Live On broadcast on January 12, 2021, TXT's fan community in general and Yeonjun's in particular were surprised to see their idol appear as a cameo. . Not only that, he also plays the role of an "ex-lover" that makes people's hearts more "heart-stopping". Although he only appeared in a short scene with few lines, it was enough to make fans restless.

Previously, he shared: "I really want to try acting, but it hasn't been long since TXT debuted. Therefore, during this time I want to focus on our group's main work."

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 4

Even though his acting was new and still confusing for the first time, the director still praised him for doing well in the one-take scene. This has reinforced fans' expectations to see Yeonjun return as an actor later, when TXT's career is solidified.

Before becoming a runway model, he was extremely famous for his long legs that many people desired

With such talent, Yeonjun can easily join any company he wants. However, his choice was HYBE - the place that created the globally famous group BTS. When interacting with fans, Yeonjun caused surprise by revealing that he was recruited by this company twice.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 5

Yeonjun confirmed that he auditioned for HYBE, but it was not because the male idol actively sought the opportunity to join this company. On the contrary, eldest brother TXT was approached by HYBE staff via social networks.

However, this is not the only time the male idol was "invited" by this company. Not long after that, while Yeonjun was riding the subway, a woman came and sat next to him. It turned out that this was an employee from an entertainment company that intended to cast Yeonjun. The male idol said: "She asked me if I had joined any company yet. I answered 'No'. So she pulled out her business card."

But when he looked at the business card this woman gave him, he felt... familiar. Without saying anything, many people knew that the woman was from HYBE. This is the second person from BTS's company wanting to recruit Yeonjun.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 6

However, the turning point of the story is that the woman sitting next to the TXT member on the subway and the employee who contacted him via social networks are two different people. HYBE "intended" to cast Yeonjun twice without knowing that the "object" he was aiming for was actually the same person!

Yeonjun not only impresses with his outstanding talent, but he is also noticed for his beauty and temperament similar to V (BTS). Through that, not long after his debut, the male idol already has a strong fan base. Finally, Yeonjun shared: "I was very impressed. Without them, I wouldn't be here. Thank you both so much."

Recently, TXT - Big Hit's b.oy group returned with the mini album minisode 3: TOMORROW and the theme MV Deja Vu. After 2 weeks of promotion, TXT brought home their first music trophy with Deja Vu on M!Countdown. Amidst the wave of encore controversy among music groups under the same group, TXT was also "put under the radar" by people. Without exception, "BTS's little brother" was the next name to be "called out" for the disastrous encore.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 7

As a 5-year-old idol, TXT's live singing skills still cannot convince the majority of the audience. During this encore, the group was complained about the high note segments lacking internal strength, with only 1-2 stable members. Among them, Huening Kai was praised for "carrying" almost the entire chorus. Main dancer Yeonjun was "booed" the most because he only sang for a few dozen seconds and didn't do it well. The overall encore performance was commented to be out of tune and shaky. With the strength of a male group, TXT disappointed people.

Yeonjun (TXT): Legendary trainee from Big Hit, recruited twice - Photo 8

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