Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who "bid farewell to the lecture hall" and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire

Ning JingSep 15, 2023 at 07:33

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The loss of the victims of the fire has left many heartbroken, in particular, the family members of this ill-fated victim. He leaves his dream plans unfinished, he stays in inconsolable pain.

The tragic fire that occurred in Khuong Ha, Hanoi on the night of September 12 to dawn on September 13 left more than 56 people dead and dozens injured, who are being treated in hospitals. This is truly a great loss, leaving an irreparable pain.

The unfortunate victims are gone, each is a different situation, a different story. Every time it was mentioned, no one could hold back tears because it was so lamentable. Among them, there were two female students who had to forever say goodbye to the lecture hall after only 3 days of enrollment with the newly graduated student to enter life.

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 1

In particular, Thien Huong, a new student majoring in Print Journalism, Institute of Journalism, Academy of Journalism and Communication. Not long ago, his family took him to enroll at the school, after that, Huong went to live with his father and younger brother at an apartment in Lane 29, Khuong Ha Street. Thien Huong's mother, Ms. Phuong, is currently working in Hoa Binh City, so she stays locally to work.

At the age of 18, Huong is a brilliant, beautiful and ambitious freshman. Her father is Lieutenant Colonel Do Trong Thanh - Chief of Logistics of the 361st Division, Air Defense - Air Force. Huong's younger brother is studying at Khuong Dinh Secondary School. Tragically, the fire on the night of 9/12 took the lives of 3 father and son, robbed a family of happiness and left immeasurable pain for those who remained.

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 2

Hearing that 3 father and son were in distress, Ms. Phuong (Huong's mother) broke down to the point of fainting. In just 1 night, the mother suffered excruciating pain when she simultaneously lost her husband and two children. Looking at the 3 relics and 3 coffins lying next to each other, everyone choked up and shed tears.

"My daughter has only been in school for a few days, I haven't gotten to know you yet, and the future..." - Tianxiang's mother Phoenix sobbed.

Before the departure of Thien Huong, in the afternoon of September 15, representatives of the Academy, Institute of Journalism, academic advisors and classmates of K43 Printing Newspaper came to see off him, his father and younger brother for a stretch of incense when it was pouring rain outside, the scene came to pay a sorrowful visit, The road to leave also became heavy...

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 3

Besides Thien Huong - student of Academy of Propaganda Journalism, Mr. Pham Hoang Gia Linh, student of Education Science group of the school. Previously, relatives lost contact with Gia Linh, so they asked the online community to share photos and information to search.

At the same time, the school's fanpage also posted the announcement "Students of Hanoi National University are unknown after the mini apartment fire".

But then on the evening of Sept. 13, the family confirmed Gia Linh had not survived the fire. At the time of the fire, she was on the 4th floor of the mini-apartment building. Currently, the school's Youth Union stands up to mobilize generosity to join hands to support and help the family of f.emale s.tudent Pham Hoang Gia Linh.

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 4

Besides the two most beautiful girls who have just turned 18 years old, entering the university lecture hall, Nguyen Kim Oanh - Born in 1999, Thai Binh, who is in the 7th year of the faculty of general practitioners of Hanoi Medical University, also makes many people feel sorry.

It is known that Kim Oanh is a beautiful and talented g.irl when she is 1 of 3 students of Thai Binh who passed the residency exam of Medical University Hospital on September 8, 2023. Unfortunately, I was the victim of a mini apartment fire at 29/70, Khuong Ha Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. I left at such a young age, carrying many dreams, 1 future is now all dust.

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 5

The loss of students who are at their best age with many unfulfilled dreams has caused many people to mourn. Many netizens left their condolences with the families of the victims.

"The family lost a hardworking filial son. The country lost a future medical talent. To pass the resident doctor's exam, this friend is very, very good. May your soul rest in peace and offer condolences to your family", "He stayed in excruciating pain, not knowing how he could survive the loss of the c.hild he had severed so that one day he could see him enter the university lecture hall, but this joy is incomplete," "So sorry, since yesterday I couldn't help it. Normally, people live for their families, now seeing this... It hurts... pity for those who stay",....

Lamenting the newly admitted f.emale s.tudent who bid farewell to the lecture hall and the pain of those who stayed behind after the HN apartment fire - Photo 6

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