Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason

An NhiApr 18, 2022 at 10:33

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Although it was the first time trying as a streamer, Mango Non quickly won the hearts of netizens.

The couple Xemesis - Mango Non is one of the hottest couples in social networks and the Vietnamese gaming community when both have huge followers on many different platforms.

The two officially returned to the same house after holding a terrible wedding ceremony at the end of 2020. After that, Non mango also began to practice vlogs and often played games with her husband. However, perhaps with a beautiful appearance along with an attractive way of talking, Mango Non quickly took over the wave and pushed the streamer "four kings" to the edge on the first day of the livestream.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 1

Specifically, in a recent stream, Mango Non appeared with Xemesis to interact with fans, but viewers only wanted to see her, while Xemesis was "ignored" from both his wife and viewers. This made the "richest Vietnamese" streamer extremely sulk and immediately left. As for Mango Non, she satisfied the fans and streamed continuously for 3 hours, this can be considered the first time broadcast as a streamer of 2k2 h.ot g.irl.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 2

Although this is just a joke of the viewers and the male streamer also understands it, it is clear that when looking at Mango Non practicing as a streamer, fans can see that she has all the qualities and abilities to follow her c.hild. this way. Hopefully in the near future, Non mango will air more often and create a new "comedy" couple in the game industry.

Xemesis is known as a leading streamer in Vietnam. He is also one of the 4 "Four Kings of streamers", including Do Mixi, PewPew and ViruSs.

Besides, Xemesis is also a successful businessman and owns many net shops, moto garages... In particular, people often talk about Xemesis as the richest streamer with the ability to play and spend huge m.oney on drivers. mine.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 3

About 4-5 years ago, while still livestreaming on the Talk TV platform, Xemesis got acquainted with PewPew. After the platform went down, he began to establish a relationship with Team Mixi and ViruSs. Gradually, the four became close as close friends and formed the Yonko group.

Xemesis moved to London (UK) to live in 1997. But after graduating with a major in Informatics, he decided to return to Vietnam to establish a career.

Returning to Vietnam, Xemesis has not been exposed to the streamer profession right away, but has experienced many different jobs. At first, he helped his family manage a Honda car shop to learn the business. But this is probably not the path Xemesis wants to follow. So, he decided to open an internet shop with modern computers and then the famous milk tea chain The Alley.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 4

Business does not take up too much of Xemesis's time, and he is a person who hates to waste time. It was at this time that Xemesis started her fate and learned about the streamer profession. Where male streamer can be comfortable with his passion for gaming and interacting with the audience.

In fact, Xemesis is not a professional gamer, but thanks to his love of games since childhood and majoring in Informatics, he also possesses many skills that make viewers have to learn in every stream. Moreover, his chubby appearance and humor and wit with jokes and "lazy" voice have helped the male streamer attract millions of followers.

Not only does this livestream play games with fans, this streamer also owns a Youtube channel with a huge number of subscribers. Xemesis often posts reaction videos or shares about her life such as meals with family and friends, luxury trips, thousands of dollars shopping trips and especially a collection of expensive brands that make many people happy. must admire.

It can be said that, with talent and passion for the profession, Xemesis has brought a huge source of income from many platforms. But he also shared, it doesn't matter how much m.oney you make, it's important that you do what you like and live with your passion.

As for Mango Non, she is a famous KOL on social networks and often appears in MVs of many artists such as: Will, Chi Dan, Yuno Bigboi...

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 5

Previously, she used to model photos for famous fashion magazines and shops in Saigon. Currently, her job is mainly promoting cosmetics, fashion and apparel brands and at the same time she is also a Youtuber who mainly makes vlogs about daily life.

Young Mango and Xemesis have known each other since 2018 at a game event for streamers, Xemesis once shared that the two initially did not have too many impressions of each other. It was not until a few months later that the two accidentally chatted with each other through the social network Facebook and started dating from here.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 6

Despite receiving a lot of gossip from the public, the two decided to publicize their love story and are not afraid to share cute and funny moments when they are together. During the dating period, the couple often travel and relax with their families.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 7

With a rather large age difference with her husband, Mango Non used to suffer a lot of disparity. However, all rumors were extinguished when Xemesis herself proved her independent personality in a vlog, whereby he placed a hidden camera and asked to buy Mango Non a branded bag. but received a flat refusal from his wife. In 2020, after a period of understanding, the two decided to get married.

Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason - Photo 8

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