Seeesis reveals what she used to do with PewPew, a detail that makes fans feel sad

Duyên TrầnOct 12, 2021 at 05:54

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Team Mixi, Xemesis, PewPew and ViruSs are the four most famous streamers in the gaming industry and are loved by fans with the name Four Emperors.

However, if you are a regular fan and follower, surely everyone knows that although they are close, sometimes the views and conditions of attachment between the four people are not the same. In particular, the relationship between PewPew and Xemesis is the most intimate. The Hai Phong male streamer once shared that Xemesis is his best friend, as he always gives Pewpew the necessary sharing and confiding, always accompanying, encouraging and helping in difficult times. best.

Seeesis reveals what she used to do with PewPew, a detail that makes fans feel sad - Photo 1

Due to the epidemic situation and distance, the duo has not been reunited for a long time. Perhaps because of that, Xemesis suddenly remembered the memories between the two brothers, the male streamer re-posted a commemorative image with a confiding line and revealed a secret: "Since he went to Hai Phong, I rarely go out to drink at night. ... Where are the days of pulling out to drink until morning to see it sucking on some chicken legs to tell it's suffering".

Fans have the opportunity to nod, so the friendship of male streamers is as simple as that. As the days of drinking all night, the food was not luxurious, but together we listened to many difficult stories and encouraged each other when it was most needed. Under the comment, PewPew did not forget to remind "my friend" to seriously follow the anti-epidemic directive: "Now go to the shop to go to the concentration camp to pick your nose" and promise a drinking schedule "The meal is over. I'm sorry, go away for a few days and then come back".

Previously, Team Mixi and Xemesis were also the two friends that PewPew thanked the most on the opening day of the bakery, when they were not afraid of difficulties, when everything was not ready, messed up and helped. Even on the opening day, the two were busy helping PewPew talk and interact with fans on the side of the road who were waiting in line for the shop to open, and then gave PewPew advice on how to do business. enough to tell the meaning of their friendship story.

Not only are they close, but "Four Hoang Streamer" also owns a huge fortune that makes netizens play around. About Viruss, being commented by friends in the streamer world as "the man of work", ViruSs is currently the person with the most names in the "Four Emperor Streamer". Coming from a professional gamer, then a streamer, a Youtuber, recently ViruSs entered showbiz as a musician and suddenly became the Marketing Director of GearVN. With 4 million followers, it is estimated that ViruSs' old Youtube channel has an income ranging from 100 to 200 million VND per month. But recently, ViruSs shocked the online community when manually deleting its Youtube channel with 4 million followers and then starting from scratch with 4 new channels. As for the assets of ViruSs, he has a huge income from many fields such as Youtube, music copyright, advertising, donation, shares, his own studio, salary of GearVN's Marketing Director,... Many fans believes that the monthly amount of VirusSs collected is not less than 500 million VND.

Seeesis reveals what she used to do with PewPew, a detail that makes fans feel sad - Photo 2

Next is Do Mixi, at the present time, Do Mixi is the leading streamer in Vietnam with a huge fan base. Many fans share that Do Mixi's current success comes from his charm as well as his ability to speak attractively in each stream. In terms of assets, Do Mixi once shared that he earns "7-8 million per month" but fans don't believe it. In mid-2020, Do Mixi made a Vlog showing off a spacious 7-storey villa with impressive design and interior. In the Vlog showing off his house, Do Mixi also revealed a Mazda CX-5 box truck worth about 1 billion VND. There was a time when this male streamer was rumored to pay personal income tax to tens of billions a year, but Do Mixi was exonerated after the community learned that the towering taxpayer was another person. In addition, Do Mixi and his wife Trang Mixi also have a "Mixi Food" brand that sells very well. However, Team Mixi's main source of income comes from exclusive streams and donations on the platform.

According to his friend Do Mixi, the richest streamer in Vietnam is Xemesis. Although joining Youtube later than friends, now Viewesis' Youtube channel has also reached 1 million followers. However, according to many fans, many people do Youtube to m.ake m.oney, while Xemesis is taking m.oney to make Youtube for fun. The reason is also because the services that Xemesis uses in a Vlog have a rather large cost, often many times higher than the amount of m.oney that Vlog can earn from Youtube. It is estimated that the Youtube channel of Xemesis earns about 50 to 150 million VND per month.

Seeesis reveals what she used to do with PewPew, a detail that makes fans feel sad - Photo 3

Finally, Pew Pew, unlike his 3 friends, PewPew is currently quite unlucky, because at the moment he decided to stop streamer for business, all his plans were affected due to the COVID-19 epidemic- 19 which resulted in a loss. In recent times, PewPew has stopped streaming completely, for PewPew, this is probably a positive signal that he is busy with his business. Because earlier this year, this streamer shared that he only streamed to "make a living" while at home. Many fans also regret not being able to see PewPew often, even more "heartbroken" when they see him wasting his YouTube channel with 3.6 million followers. Currently, the business projects that PewPew openly shows fans include 2 PewPew Bread shops and 1 PewPew Laundry shop in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Besides, there is also a PewPew Wardrobe with many fashion products sold online.

Seeesis reveals what she used to do with PewPew, a detail that makes fans feel sad - Photo 4

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