Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race

An NhiApr 15, 2022 at 17:11

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After giving birth, h.ot g.irl Sunna did not lose her inherent beauty, but became more and more s.exy than before.

Owning a unique hybrid beauty with an extremely fiery b.ody, it is no wonder that Sunna (real name Wilson Nhat Anh) has become a famous hotgirl on social networks, attracting a lot of attention from netizens. .

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 1

Famous in the Vietnamese gaming industry after being "matched" by the pair of Xemesis Xoai Non for male streamer ViruSs, Sunna was surprised when she publicly became pregnant with her first c.hild. Many fans were surprised to see Sunna reporting "good news", because on social networks she has never revealed information about dating or finding out who.

Besides the wishes for the mother and daughter, the 20-year-old h.ot g.irl is healthy, soon "the mother is round and the c.hild is square", but she can't avoid the uncharacteristic comments.

Accordingly, she was asked by many people "why didn't you get married at all?", she responded to the community in a rather harsh way: "Oh, I really asked the people who commented why they didn't laugh. That's all, I would like to ask how do you translate it? Then you can't do it if you want to be big but ask me, I'm angry. As long as people feel it's appropriate, they will organize it, nothing to be so tense. huh".

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 2

According to many fans, Sunna is a person with a personality but is quite secretive about her love life, so she does not want to publicize too much of her personal life on social networks. She just needs family and close friends to witness her happiness is enough. She was also frank, as long as it is appropriate, Sunna will actively disclose information to interested people.

Up to now, the identity of her boyfriend is still a mystery to netizens. However, if they are close people, friends who regularly meet know this person. It's just that she doesn't want to r.eveal information on social networks.

The only thing she reveals about her other half is that this guy often appears with her. Mango Non's best friend shows off his other half on his story: "All day long, people say they don't have a husband, but anyone who knows how to p.lay c.ards gets scolded by TikTok for capital."

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 3

In mid-March 2022, Sunna officially gave birth to her first daughter by caesarean section. The first time being a mother with many strange things, the h.ot g.irl proved to be quite weak, but Sunna received many compliments about both her beauty and her b.ody during her pregnancy. And yet, through the photos posted by Sunna on the story, it can be seen that her beauty after giving birth is still extremely glittering.

The old h.ot g.irl has now been "upgraded" to a h.ot mom while never r.evealing who the father of the first princess is. Because of that, Sunna's every move is increasingly welcomed by the people.

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 4

Pregnancy does not make Sunna less attractive, but also makes many people want to be pregnant and still have to be as beautiful as a hotgirl. In order to please people who want to "beg for a beautiful" pregnant woman, Sunna is also very enthusiastic to "release photos" while still in her pregnancy for people to admire.

While everyone is still fascinated with Sunna's very s.exy pregnant image, with the move to post a new photo, the h.ot g.irl has made an official announcement to return to the beauty race. Mother of one c.hild, looking worn eyes is real. Sunna is no exception when she successfully took the first step to regain her inherent s.exy figure, becoming even more eye-catching.

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 5

However, what makes people "give their eyes" continuously is the huge bust in the legend of the hotgirl. The capital is famous for its very "mlem mlem" round 1, but after nearly a month of becoming a mother, it seems that Sunna's huge breasts still have no signs of "smiling".

At any time, Sunna's hourglass-standard b.ody still makes fans "hot eyes". But let's take a look at her "shrewd" b.ody when she was a h.ot g.irl born in 2002, and look forward to seeing how much she can "burn" in the next appearance.

Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race - Photo 6

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