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Mango Non - Pham Thuy Trang: from hotgirl who dropped out of school to become a daughter-in-law of Hao Mon

Vân Anh16:31:18 09/05/2024
Having made a fuss about school, the hotgirl who dropped out of school at the end of grade 10 changed her life after becoming the daughter-in-law of Hao Mon, the wife of the young family. Non Mango has always been a name that attracts special attention of the online community.

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Xoai Non: h.ot g.irl dropped out of school in 10th grade, became the wife of young master Xemesis

Minh Ngọc17:14:10 29/04/2024
Streamer Xemesis's wife is a famous h.ot g.irl at one time with a beauty not inferior to any other star. Although she is now at peace with her young husband, many people still regret that this beauty does not continue to pursue art.

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H.ot g.irl Xoai Non "got angry" and responded extremely harshly to being criticized by netizens, "Are you still expelled from school?"

Snow17:10:45 17/10/2023
Besides those who always support Xoai Non, there are also some who often sarcasm and criticize her in all kinds of ways. Typically, recently, an online account commented rudely under a h.ot g.irl's post.

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Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason

An Nhi10:33:33 18/04/2022
Although it was the first time trying as a streamer, Mango Non quickly won the hearts of netizens. The couple Xemesis - Mango Non is one of the hottest couples in social networks and the Vietnamese gaming community when both have huge followers on many different platforms. The...

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"Spring mango close to Thieu Bao Tram's face?" - The owner spoke up against the rumors from netizens

Huỳnh Như07:40:32 07/03/2022
With a story "answering questions" for fans, Mango Non surprised netizens to understand the status of her relationship with Thieu Bao Tram. As one of the KOLs with a "Western" face, a "standard" figure and at the same time the "roof" of Xemesis (the most popular streamer in...

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Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi

Hậu Hậu16:58:23 25/09/2021
Recently, a love story like a fairy tale of a Khmer g.irl and a Hanoi b.oy shared on social networks has received much attention and attention. The main characters are Ms. Son Thi Thu Ha (born in 2000, Tra Vinh) and Pham Trung Anh (born in 1991, Hanoi). Although they are more than...

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